Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy Delivery Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Recipe Collection
Each recipe set opens a different collection!
Complete a recipe set and receive a legendary recipe or decorative furniture!

Furniture Shop
Cooking appliances are needed for cooking!
Deploy shelves are needed for selling!
Installing decorative furniture and cooking appliances not only raise shop decoration paoints but also it attract more customers!

Delivery Service
Expand the Rider Zone and hire more deliverers!
Send deliveries to desired locations and get rewarded.

Soda Dispenser
When customers order extra sodas, you receive a gold bonus!
Offer more soda variety and receive a higher gold bonus!

Part Time
1. Open part time tab.
2. Select desirable part time task.
3. Part time applications flooding in!

NPC Management
Make your employees happy and receive extra gold and experience!
Satisfaction of employee's can be raised with gifts and counseling!

New learned recipes will be available for cooking and selling!
Upgrade a recipe! When it reaches it's max level you acquire a new recipe!

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