Sunday, April 17, 2016

Luthiel Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Character Guide
Here you can equip your Character, enhance skills, check your stats, acquire a new class, organize your main and sub classes and manage your followers.

A. Info
Here you can view the stats of your Character. You can also access the training menu here and train your Character.

B. Skills
You can enhance your Skills here.
There are two types of skills: Active and Passive Skills.
You can view the required level of each skill before you can unlock them.

C. Equip
Here is where you can equip your Characters with new equipment! You can also sell unused equipment here.
Tap on the A-Equip button to automatically equip the best items that you have. Tap in default to sort items.

D. Class and Items
Here you can view the class that you currently have. You can also view the list of items such as Soulstones, Tome of class or Skill gems.

E. Manage main and sub classes
If you've acquired a new class, you can switch between these classes here.
You can set your main class to become your subclass or vice versa.

F. Manage Followers
You can manage your followers by training them or upgrading. You can also equip them items.

Shop Guide
Here you can purchase Magicstones using real world cash, special packages, cubes for equipment and orbs for land, Heroes and Followers. You can also purchase Rubits, AP and PP recharge.

The honor shop can also be found here. Use your honor points to purchase items!

A. Magicstone
Use real world currency to purchase Magicstones!
Magicstones are used to purchase other items like Equipment cubes and Hero orbs.

B. Special
Here you can purchase special packages! Choose from various packages offered!

C. Honor
Use your acquired Honor points to purchase Cubes and orbs that you can use to summon equipment and followers on Summon Island.

D. Friendship
Use your friendship points to purchase other items!

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