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Navy Fleet Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Narvy Fleet Guide
How to manage your coins and gold bars

1、Coin:Used for warship’s producing, upgrading, drilling, parts and so on. Please notice that the cost for upgrading warship and parts is increasing by levels.
Aquire method:
Claim coins every 2 hours in Command. It will restore 6 times at 0a.m. daily. Different chest contains 20 to hundreds of thousand coins. In Battle Campaigns, win 3x coins after passing at the first time. Coins need to be saved when you just start the game, because you will spend much more after 50 levels.

2、Gold Bar:Used for Intelligencer, Oil purchase, Faction Contribution, Warship drill.
Aquire method:
Mainly from Recharge, Limited time events, Open gift. What’s more, you have chance to get 10 gold bar from Luck Draw Event. More waves you survived in Oilfield Defence, more chance you may get gold bars. Also you can get 15-50 gold bar in Daily Sign-up.

How to use gift code
Dear Captain, once you receive one gift code after attending our event, please follow below steps to claim your reward!

1. Please tap extended menu on the right side of the screen
2. Please tap “Function” in the extended menu
3. Then tap “System”
4. Tap “Exchange”
5. Input gift code
6. Tap ok and it shows “ redeem successfully ,please claim it in mailbox ”
7. Tap “Mail” in the extended menu
8. Tap “Reward” and claim the reward
9. Claim reward successfully
10. Find your reward in “Warehouse”, tap “use” to the item.

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