Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cupcake Mania: Moscow Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I collect Pastries and win a level?
To win, you need to collect Pastries from the puzzle by matching them. You can see which colors, and how many of each Pastry you need to collect, in the top-left corner box. Match 3 or more Pastries of the same color to clear them from the puzzle and collect them. Any Pastries above them will fall into the spaces where the matched ones were.

How do I swap Pastries?
Tap your finger on the screen over the Pastry you want to swap, and drag it to the Pastry that you want to swap it with.

What are moves?
A move is swapping one pair of Pastries. You only have a limited number of moves to win each level. If you run out of moves before you collect all the Pastries you need, you will have to try the level again!

What are the numbers on the Pastries in the puzzle?
When you match Pastries, bonuses are added to any neighboring Pastries that you need to collect! You will see the number 2 on top of these Pastries. If you match Pastries with bonuses, you collect a higher amount of Pastries. If more matches are made when new Pastries fall onto the screen, bonuses can keep adding up! Bonuses on Pastries can go up to 9!
Bonuses disappear after one move. You should try to match Pastries with the highest bonuses if you can.

What is energy?
It takes 1 energy to play a level. If you win the level, you'll be rewarded with more energy.

What are stars?
You'll be awarded up to 3 stars per level based on how high your score is when you complete that level.

How do I unlock more regions?
You'll need to have a minimum number of stars in order to access the next region. Earn as many stars as you can to unlock more regions and levels!

Who is Bruno the Bear?
He's a pesky and ever-hungry bear who is completely and totally obsessed with scrumptious baked goods, and does everything he can to steal some from your stash of freshly baked treats! Some levels on the map are marked by a Bruno the Bear head. In these levels you'll have to fend off Bruno the Bear until he goes away!

How do I beat Bruno the Bear?
Match Pastries of the colors shown in the upper-left box to lower the Bruno's stamina bar. The bar is located under the Bruno the Bear.
The bigger the match, the quicker you will lower his stamina. Reduce it to 0 and you will win! Match Pastries with big bonuses to win before you run out of moves.

What else does Bruno do?
As you battle a Bruno the Bear, you may see him turn his back to you. That means on the next move, Bruno will add an obstacle to your puzzle to get in your way. You can prevent this by stunning Bruno.
To stun him, you need to make a big enough match with the right Pastries to reduce his stamina by 10% or more in a single move.

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