Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Total War Battles: KINGDOM Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How does crafting work?
o You can craft units and weapons at the blacksmith. You will need crafting materials, the primary way to get these is through shearing sheep and skinning cattle but you can also get them from hunting beasts (bears) and mining Coal deposits.

How do I get more trees?
o Trees grow from the edges of the map

o Woodcutters plant trees (so trees will grow next to woodcutters)

o Trees grow faster near water

o Trees will propagate overtime next to other trees

How do I get gold?
1) The below will give you a percentage of chance to grant you gold:

o Hunting beasts - Wolves

o Finding then exploring a Tomb

o Selling cattle

o From Taverns (Travellers bonus, multiple connected Taverns)

2) The below will always grant you gold:

o Through a daily tribute available at one of your castles each day

o Levelling up (some specific levels grant gold)

o Prospecting a Gold Mine and mining it

o Completing Battle Quests

Raiders and Invaders. What’s the difference?
o Invaders: Appear in your realm, not directly next to your towns. They stop you from using the resources in an area around them and can steal your banked resources if you don’t repel them.

o Raiders: Attack your towns and are capable of destroying your town buildings – walls will however slow them down. They appear next to your town buildings and will also steal banked resources if you don’t repel them within the allotted time.

o Neither raiders OR invaders will ever steal your gold.

Duelling rank system, how does it work?
o The lower the number the higher the rank, e.g. 1 is the highest rank, 20 is the lowest.

o Every 60 days a new Archive Entry is created. If your rank is higher than rank 17 it is reset back to 17 at the end of this 60 day period. The most successful duellists are entered into the Archive which pays tribute to the top 10 since the entry began.

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