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Tiny Hunter Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Intro : Daimon

During the battle on the mainland of Valoran, the adventurer who possess the three elements power battle against fearsome monster and consume its power into Daimon. The more powerful the monster is , the  more power it contains , when it convert into Daimon , adventurer will be granted unimaginable power.
【System Introduction】
A) Daimon in this game is the main core. Collects Daimon will grant player skills. Player can only brings 3 Daimon to battle.
B) Player have many way to mix Daimon for variety skill.
C) Daimon comes with a Relation System. By collecting specific Daimon, Relation System will be unlocked and player will be granted powerful stats.
D) Daimon can be breed and evolve , and its power will grow stronger.
E) Player can equip Rune on Daimon too, it will power up the Daimon’s stats.

Intro : Mastery system

Are you annoyed with keep losing in the battle? Our mastery system is here to help you. On the mainland of Valaron, I believe that you had heard some undefeated legends. Some of them are ascetics with no difference from normal human. They going through extreme training every day, unleash the hidden potential within themselves in order to become the strongest in the world. Since they can make it, I believe you can make it too.

In this game, we do have four kinds of mastery which are Strength, Shield, HP and Technic. To upgrade it to another level, players are required to collect Freedom Scroll and then combine it become Mastery Point. This Freedom Scroll can be bought from shop with diamonds or acquired through certain dungeons.

Intro : Guild system

Guild is the primary platform for players to interact with each other. There are plenty of interesting features for guild members to enjoy. You may earn some upgrading materials from it and increase your combat power.

A)  Guild Bless
Players can earn some guild contributions through  Guild Bless. When it meets the stated requirements, guild master able to summon the guild boss.
B) Guild Chess
Each guild member have chances to roll the dice everyday which based on VIP level of the players. The number on the dice will decide how many steps can the guild piece moving forward. The more steps , the more experience and reward guild member able to enjoy.
C) Guild Benefit
Players able to redeem the Guild Benefit at the guild main interface every day. The reward will be different based on guild level.
D) Guild Shop
Can be accessed through the Shop icon at the guild interface. It does selling some daimon shards, dauntless key and so on. Players required to use some guild contribution in exchange. Please be reminded that the shop reset daily on 9:00 and 21:00. Players are allowed to refresh the shop at the cost of 100 contribution.
E) Guild Boss and Guild War
In progress.
More interesting and attractive guild features are on the way, please stay tuned for the latest update.

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