Friday, March 11, 2016

Heroes Wanted Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to grow the mercenary's level
The mercenary can upgrade the level by clearing the story, time space criminal, bounty mission or using different mercenary as ingredient.

*According to a grade of each mercenary, Max Level is different.
★one-star grade : Max 15 Level
★two-star grade : Max 25 Level
★three-star grade : Max 35 Level
★four-star grade : Max 45 Level
★five-star grade : Max 55 Level
★six-star grade : Max 65 Level

You could receive the more EXP of grow by using the different mercenary with sage's seed or sage's giant seed as ingredients.
*Main spot of achievement : ADVENTURE, RAID, Time space criminal

How to upgrade the mercenary
The mercenary can upgrade by using the [Sage Fruit]. (Maximum +5 upgrade)
※ The higher grade of sage fruit can achieve the more EXP of upgrade.

If you upgrade, the capacity of mercenary is more stronger,
In case of maximum upgrade, The mercenary of max level can upgrades the higher grade.

Measures of upgrading mercenary
screen of lobby > Manage > Select the upgrading mercenary > Touch the upgrade button > use the sage fruit
※ You can use the sage fruits up to 5 at a time.

How to evolve the mercenary
If the mercenary reaches the max level, you could upgrade the grade through using the maximum upgrade(+5).
In evolution, 3 mercenary are needed as same grade of base mercenary,
after the evolution, it is initialized to level 1.
However, in case of mercenary of ingredient, you don't need to upgrade the level and upgrade figure.

ex) evolution of ★three-star mercenary to ★four-star mercenary
1. use of base as Max Level and +5 upgraded three-star mercenary
2. use of ingredients as 3 three-star mercenary same grade base mercenary regardless of level, upgrade figure.
3. Evolution to ★four-star mercenary (Upon evolving to Lv1, +0 upgrade apply)

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