Monday, March 21, 2016

Tama Planets Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How To Play
There are lots of mysteries on this planet.
At first you have nothing. What you can do is also limited.
When you get something, plant them.
Water them to let them grow more and more.

When you are at a loss what to do, click on the pond.
You may get a useful item.
How to plant items

Go to where you want to plant your item, and click on the scoop icon.
The scoop icon is placed in the middle of the lower side of the screen. Not all the items can be planted. So check on your item.
How to Fishing

Sometimes fish will appear within the pool of water
Tap the pool of water when a fish is in it to begin fishing.

Watch the red bobber closely...

When the bobber sinks, quickly tap the bobber to catch the fish!
If you take too long to tap you might lose the fish...
When you catch big probability that reaction will be increased soon.
Exemption matters

[Menu> Config> Backup]. Game data is loaded when you run the [Restore] in the new terminal.

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