Monday, March 21, 2016

Heroes of Avalon Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

We have summarized some common issues you probably meet in the game.
Q1: How to create a clan?
A: When you reach lv 20. You can go to the Clan Envoy in Chang'an to create a clan.
    You need to use a Clan Token to create a clan. Clan Tokens are sold in shop.
Q2: How to join a clan?
A: When you reach lv 20. You can find the Clan Envoy in Chang'an to join a clan.
    You can browse the clan list to choose a clan and apply to join the clan.
Q3: How many classes can I choose in the Heroes of Avalon?
A: The 4 unique classes offer you plenty of choices in Heroes of Avalon--Swords,Fairy Fox,Tao Girl and Boxer.
Q4: How to upgrade my clan?
A: When your clan gets enough Clan EXP and Clan Fund. The clan leader or assistant can go to the clan map, and find the Housekeeper to upgrade the clan.
Q5:How to get Clan EXP?
A:You can get Clan EXP through Clan tasks, Clan raids and the Clan Arena.
Q6: How to get Clan Funds?
A: You can get Clan Funds through Clan tasks or Exchange oblation.
Q7: How to enhance my equipments?
A: To enhance equipments, you need different levels of Enhance Gems.
    Fairy Gem can increase success rate.
    These materials can be purchased in shop, looted in raid or get in events.
Q8: Too many players on the screen, can I shield others?
A: You can set it in Function, choose to block non-clan member, block strangers or block other's players' visual effect.
Q9: When the energy refreshes?
A: All players will recover 50% of maximum energy automatically at 12:00am and 12:00pm everyday. Or you could use the Energy Potion to recover 50 energy.
Q10: How to use the gift code?
A: Click 'Gifts' in the upper right corner of the screen.
    -->Gifts-->Gift Code-->Enter the redemption code
    -->Click 'Claim'to put the gift in your backpack.

Tips for escort:
1. Get to the top right of Changan after you take the cart.
2. Get to the top of ShadowBarrier to teleport to Peak City.
3. Go straight up to the top to hand over your cart.
If you still have trouble finding your way, please ask for help to others around!