Wednesday, March 23, 2016

LINE Magic Tanker Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Allies Help
This function allows you to request others to help you fight
your battles. You can ask your Friends repeatedly, whereas
strangers can only help you at random.The same card
cannot be played repeatedly, so select carefully.

Use Materials dropped during battle to evolve equipment
quality and strengthen your heroes.

When a hero has equipment material that can be evolved,
there will be an arrowhead on the Equipment Slot. Evolve
MT's equipment.

It is only after all equipment had been evolved into Green
that a hero can Break Through to Green, and then gain New
Skills after Breakthrough.

Treasure Chest
|Get a 3-star rating when no heroes have been etiminated in
battle after clearing the dungeon. Collect stars to open
treasure chests!

Bounty Boss
You can claim a Bounty after defeating a Boss
because each Boss has its own bounty Mission.

Summon Heroes
Gather Hero Fragments to Summon a hero.

Bonus Rewards
Claim the reward for clearing any stage. Also each time you
fight in dungeons for 10 or more counts, you get Daily Mission
rewards. Don't forget to claim them.

Level up your heroes! Aside from dungeon battles, heroes can
level up from the EXP Pool.The EXP Pool will accumulate hero EXP
as you sweep dungeons. You can also use EXP Potions.

You'll gain some EXP potions at the Inn and other places.
Hurry up and use them.Hero levels must be raised whenever possible.
Go and level up all your main heroes.

Elite Hero Fragments
Let us take on Elite Dungeon.Monsters in elite dungeons are
really strong, but they drop Hero Fragments and good

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