Monday, March 28, 2016

Dictator 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Scale of reputation. Each card has its price indicated in the crosshairs of the reputation.

Enemy's condition. To win, you can either defeat all of the opponent's units or terminate the enemy's dictator.

Current or future holdings. Browse the map by sliding it to the left or right, or change the magnification.

To get information about a region, click on the question mark.

Most important resource, money, which reduces with each move

With the help of golden Tyrants you can improve construction and accelerate some major events

The move counter is located in the upper right side.

Six factions are located before you with whom you must deal: the police, the people, the oligarchs, the army, the opposition, and the mafia.

Before each move you can invite any of the factions to appear before you. Choose!

In some questions you will come across a golden Tyrant. Collect as many of them as possible, they will be very helpful to you!

You may view how your popularity has been affected amongst each faction by your decision. Each "X" mark indicates one point of popularity.

In the store you can always refill the supply of golden Tyrants.

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