Monday, March 28, 2016

Nights With Horror Cubes Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Link 3 Monsters Together!
More Monsters = More Points!

Achieve Higher Results at one level to get more of them!

Get Stars by getting More Points!

You'll lose if there are no more moves.

Link 5 Monsters together to get the bomb.
Blast the Bomb by linking it with jellies of the same color!
You'll get 1 bomb for 5-6 monsters!
Bombs blow up monsters around them.
Bombs are for you to help to pass a level.

Link 7 Monsters together to get 1 cranium.
Blow up cranium by linking monsters of the same color!
You'll get 1 cranium for 7 or 8 monsters.
Cranium wipes away all monsters from above, below, left and right.
Craniums will help you to pass a level.

Colored Jewels, color will be changed and reflected here and at top.
Color is saved and blinks while choosing next element!
Colored Jewels may be liked with jellies of any color.
Colored Jewels destroys jellies of chosen color.
Colored Jewels will help you to pass a level.