Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cubemon Rally Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

If you keep on whistling without a break your Cubemon will be exhausted.
Sometimes a detour can turn out to be a shortcut
Ranking is determined by the highest weekly scores for each stage
Play the Free League to get Unis. Win the game to get a jackpot!
A Gold Spider usually brings rare items
Each Cubemon has speical mission. More Cubemons, More Mission&Rewards!
Compete with world players in the World League
Chickenduck's rival comes out every 5 stages, You should be 1st grade in the stage for stage-clear
Make Cubemon invincible and ignore every obstacles!
Collect 5 blue crystal. It‘ will be surprising result
Try to disturb other Cubemons by using trap! Trapped Cubemon will be fallen,
If you don’t catch a Moneybug, it returns as a bigger one
Reward jackpot will be randomly appeared when you give & take sugar cube with your friends.
Ranking is determined by the highest weekly scores for each stage
Remaining time of a gift box will be decreased depending on number of stars you get in a stage
[Recommended] Item-equipped Cubemon or badge. You can begin a stage with a specific item randomly
Challenge your friends’ records in the Friends League,
[Recommended] Quick-start fairy. It runs with great speed as soon as game begins
Make a fairy's skill inactive when you tread it
A Cubemon can get additional HP and special ability after upgrade
There’re Cubemons specialized for each special league
Badges enhance Cubemon’s stats
An Enlarge potion make Cubemon bigger. Get additional UNI and score.
Each Cubemon has special mission. More Cubemons, More Mission & Rewards!

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