Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Battlejack Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

To Attack, we Heroes need Mana. So hit that Deal button.

The more cards you take, more MHana we have to use. Don't go over 21 though!

Notice how those Red Mana cards activate only the hero with the same color.

You can target specific monster by tapping it.

Every Hero has a unique skill.

Most Heroes can also make POWERFUL Combo skill with another Hero!

Clearing Dungeons earns XP towards your Player Rank and precious loot.

Pick in reinforcement which will assist you in next dungeon.

You can also select up to 3 items to aid you In battle

Gold is used to upgrade heroes and runes or to evolve heroes.

Gold is gained by eornpletlrrg dungeons and defeathg monsters

Gems can be used to buy new heroes, more space to inventory or refill energy.

Honor can be used to buy new heroes.
Honor is autornatically gained when other players use your leader hero as their reinforcement. Friends give you 2x honor.

Energy is used to enter dungeons.

Higher player rank can be gained by completing dungeons and daily quests.

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