Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WiP Herocraft Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

War Is Peace Guide

Battle Cards
The cost of the card is shown in the top left corner of the card

Below the cost, you can see the phase when this card can be used

The medal displayed in the top right corner, as well as the card border, show the card rarity.
There are four card rarity levels:
Novice - ordinary metal cards
Veteran - silver cards
Leader - gold cards
Elite - diamond cards; the rarest of all

The name of the card is displayed below the card image. The [up] mark
means that it is upgraded version of the card.

Below the card name, you can read the description of its properties

The type of the card is displayed in the bottom right corner. There are 3 card
Strike - deals direct damage tn enemy units or buildings.
Reinforcement - summons extra troops.
Urder - applies a special effect to allied or enemy trumps.

Challenge Mode

Challenges are a special mode where every level is nothing like the previous one.

Each level is like a ladder with steps of increasing difficulty. Defeat thrdws
you back to the first step of the ladder.

At the top, you see the number of available attempts. Each spent attempt is
restored in 30 minutes.

Below the name of the challenge you see the progress bar that shows the
number of steps you've completed.

At the top right, you see the reward for winning the last step of the

Highlighted is the step that you can launch.

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