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Fantasy Chronicles Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Class Story: Born With
Holy Power, He Can Both
Heal Allies And Burn Foes
In Fight. He Gets Angel
Force If Awakened.

Class Story: Cute Little
God Of Death. She
Summons Armies From
Hell And Harvests Lives
With Scythe. She Gets Evil
Force If Awakened.

Class Story: Wielding Dual
Swords, Being Very fast
With High Crit, He Always
Gives  Attack. He
Gets  Power If

Class Story: As A Master
Of Elements, She Can
Summon Flames And
Frost To Attack Enemies.
She Gets Dragon Force If

Collect stuffs to unlock Halidom
Each Halidom will bring huge stats increase to you
and has a special skill, passive or active.

Halidom Growth:
Use various currency or stuffs to upgrade Halidom.
The higher Lv., the stronger effect.

Halidom Skill:
When a Halidom is activated, you can get its skill too.
Skill Growth:
Upglrade Halidom Skills with rec}uired resources. The
hig er Lv, the more powerful ef ect.

DMG and DEF Stats:
Physical: Physical attack creates Physical DMG.
Defense to Physical DMG is Physical DEF.
Element: Element attack creates Element DMG.
Defense to Element DMG is Element DEF.
Holy: Holy attack creates Holy DMG. Defense to
Holy DMG is Holy DEF.
Shadow: Shadow attack creates Shadow DMG.
Defense to Shadow DMG is Shadow DEF.

PVP Mode:
Peace Mode: You cannot cause harms to other
Single Kill: You can attack any player except those |n
the same Team
Group Kill: You can attack any player except those in
the same Team or Legion

Auto Use Potion:
You can set a protection line in the main screen.
When HP is lower than the protection line, system
will use Potion to restore automatically
System Will use the best Potion in Bag first as
default. You can change that default manually.

Bound Gold: Can be used to buy items and_
consumed for gameplay, but cannot be used |n
Gold: Can be used to buy items and consumed for
gameplay, and acceptable in trade.

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