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Primal Chaos Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Primal Chaos Tips and Guides

Q: Why can’t I reach 100 points in the Daily Quests?
A: Only if you accept the quest "Freeloader", you can reach 100 points and claim the last rewards.

Q: After I change Gear, do I need to strengthen it again?
A: There’s no need. Strengthening levels are fixed to the type of Gear rather than the Gear itself.

Q: 2v2 battles are really hard. What should I do?
A: First kill the enemy players before tackling the smaller troops, then tackle the Tower and Base. If you go straight for the Tower you won’t be able to destroy it on your own since a lot of Damage is required.

Q: Why can’t I smash the Green and Blue Eggs?
A: You receive free Smashes for the Green/Blue Eggs, or you can use Green/Blue Hammers to smash. You can only use Magic Gems on Purple Eggs.

Q: What are Fusion Beasts used for?
A: Fusion Beasts provide bonus HP. When your character is attacking, your Fusion Beasts will also cause Damage!

Q: Why does my HP not always fully recover?
A: When the bonus HP that your Exo Beast provides is used up, HP can only restore to the sum of your character and Endo Beast’s HP; When your Endo Beast’s HP is also used up, HP can only restore to your character’s maximum HP amount. When you are attacked, your Exo Beast’s HP will reduce first.

Q: What’s the point of the Lucky Rankings?
A: You can get Magic Gems by getting on the Lucky Rankings!

Q: Where can I get Beast fragments?
A: Attack Boss Stages and exchange for them in the Altar.

Q: Why can’t I get high-level fragments from looting?
A: You need to attack dungeons to get them. You can only get the corresponding fragment from looting once you own at least one of them.

Q: Where have my treasure fragments gone?
A: Other players can also loot your fragments! However, if you use a Truce Token, then they won’t be able to get at them!

Q: I’ve completed all the Stages once. Why haven’t I received all the Stage chests?
A: Apart from Normal difficulty, there is also Nightmare for you to complete.

Q: Can Stages be reset?
A: Yes! Just use Strength Banners or Magic Gems!

Q: How do I activate Stars on the Zodiac?
A: Complete a Stage on any difficulty to get 1 Stage Star. Lighting-up one Star on the Zodiac requires 3 Stage Stars.

Q: What is Beast Inheriting?
A: It allows you to pass on Attributes (level, Stars, training) from one Beast to another of the same Grade or higher, and Stats will be swapped.

Q: How do I increase Merit in my Alliance?
A: Donate Wolf Totems and Magic Gems to get Merit.

Q: Why is there nothing in the Alliance Warehouse?
A: Alliance members need to put Items in the Warehouse. Also, to exchange for Gear there requires the use of Merit. You can of course also put Gear for sale there too in order to get Merit.

Q: What’s the point of the monsters in Empire Strike?
A: You can get Points by killing them.

Q: After evolving my Mount, do I have to use the new appearance?
A: You can change back to the appearance from before evolving by going to the Character interface.

Q: I can’t pass a dungeon, and no one is joining my Team.
A: Use the Hire function and the system will choose 2 team members to help you out!

Q: Where does the Wilds Boss appear?
A: In the central Vs section of the Map.

Q: Does killing the monsters in the Wilds give EXP?
A: Yes, however the amount of EXP you can get from them is limited.

Q: I got a Chest. Why can’t I see my reward for opening it?
A: Go to your Bag, locate the Chest and open it to get your rewards.

Q: What are Knights used for?
A: Beasts deployed by Knights can provide Fate to Deployed or Fusion Beasts. If none of your Deployed or Fusion Beasts have any Fate, then there’ll be no effect...

Q: What’s PvP Power used for?
A: PvP Power only comes into effect in vs battles. The higher your PvP Power, the better your Attack and Defense will be.

Q: Where can I get Gems to embed on my Gear?
A: You can buy Gems in the Glory Store and the Mall.

Q: How do I upgrade Gems?
A: You can combine several Gems of the same Grade to upgrade them. For example 3x Grade I Gems can be combined to make 1x Grade II Gem. Don’t have enough Gems? Don’t fear, you can use Magic Gems in their place.

Q: Purifying all the Attributes at once on Gear is really annoying, as I only want to purify some of them.
A: There are Locks in the Gear Attributes. If you choose to Lock an Attribute, then it won’t change when you purify attributes. Of course, you can also choose to unlock at any time too!

Q: I’ve been locked-up by another player. What do I do?
A: You can request to be rescued by Alliance members or use a Liberation Pact to restore your freedom.

Q: Why can some Gear only be refined once, but others can be refined lots of times?
A: This is because different Gear is of different Grades. The higher a Gear’s Grade, the more times it can be refined.

Q: How do I put some of my items up for sale?
A: First open up the Trade interface, select Stall, then enter the items you want to sell as well as a price, then other players will be able to purchase them. You need to use Magic Gems to purchase other players’ items , and will receive them when players buy your items.

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