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Bakery Story 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Bakery Story 2 Love & Cupcakes Guide

Running your Bakery requires that you carefully balance the management of your resources and ingredients. If you're having problems, this section should help! There are several important aspects to remember: Cooking, Learning Recipes, Shopping for Ingredients, Completing Goals, and Decorating.

Cooking is the best way to earn Coins and Experience Points to level up.
Buy Appliances like Fancy Ovens, Stoves, and Espresso Machines in the Market!
Tap an Appliance to see your Menu. This is a list of all the recipes you can cook with that Appliance.
Tap a Menu item and then tap the Cook button to start cooking.
When a recipe is finished cooking, tap it to add it to your counters and gain Experience Points (EXP). Make sure you have enough counter space!
Customers will eat the food you place on your counters and pay you Coins when they finish.

Learning Recipes
You need to learn new recipes before you can cook them.
Learning a new Recipe requires Coins and sometimes other materials.
Learn a recipe by tapping on it in your Cooking Menu!
Some recipes can only be learned by completing specific goals. Tap on a Locked by Goal recipe to learn more about which Goals to complete.

Shopping for Ingredients
The best way to gain ingredients is to use Grocers like the General Store or the Fruit Stand.
Tap on a Grocer building and then tap on ingredients to buy them for Coins.
Ingredients take time to restock! Upgrade Grocers to increase the number of ingredients they can stock.
Watch out for Special Customers like Liam the Handyman! He can give you Parts to Upgrade your Pantry and Grocers.

Completing Goals
The people around town give you Goals to complete.
Goals can involve collecting ingredients, cooking, learning recipes, and buying items in the Market.
Completing Goals can earn you Coins, EXP, or items!

You can buy new items and decorations in the Market.
These items are bought using Coins, which you earn from Customers and from Goals.
To buy a table, chair, counter, or decoration, tap on the item in the Market. It will appear in your restaurant - tap on the check mark button to confirm your purchase.
Walls and floors can be painted by tapping on the item in the Market and then tapping on a wall or floor space!
That should be enough to get you started and running a great Bakery!

Coins, EXP, and Gems
Earn Coins by feeding your Customers and completing Goals. Coins are used for getting new recipes, ingredients, upgrades, and expanding your restaurant.
Earn EXP by cooking food in your Bakery and completing Goals. EXP helps you level up and get new gameplay and recipes!
Buy Gems by tapping the Add Gems button.

Special Customers
Some customers give you special items when they eat at your Restaurant!
Liam the Handyman gives you Happiness when he's finished eating.
Use these items to Upgrade your Grocers and Pantry, or Expand your Restaurant.

Expanding Your Bakery
Expand your Bakery by tapping on the wooden sign outside.
Expanding costs Coins and Parts.
You can get Parts from Liam the Handyman.

Why can't I build more Appliances?
Appliances have restrictions on the number which you're allowed to have for a specific level. If you are unable to place any more of a specific item, you'll need to level up in order to unlock the ability to place more.

How can I Get More Gems?
You can get more Gems by tapping the Add button next to the Gems icon at the top of the screen. Once you tap this Add button, you will be able to select from several Gem offers available for purchase.

How do I Increase my Level?
To increase your level, you have to earn experience (EXP) points. You gain EXP by completing Goals and serving food from your Appliances.

It says my Pantry is full - what now?
You can upgrade the capacity of your Pantry so you can store more items!
- Tap on your Pantry in your Restaurant.
- Tap the green "Increase Pantry" button.
- Use Parts to increase your storage capacity.

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