Tuesday, February 23, 2016

PIKO Kutsuki Puzzle Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What kind of game is

The game lets you play an
exciting game loaded with
fun gameplay and rich
sensory experience. Connect
ice blocks and attack fuzzy
enemies within the time
limit. Collect Heroes and
Monsters to strengthen your
arsenal to save the world!

How do we play?

Connect 4 or more of the
same colored ice blocks to
release the trapped Heroes.
The longer your connection,
the more attack power you
unleash. Find out more
about APPEND, SNIPE and
CHARGE attack moves as

What is COIN

You can exchange your
COINS for doing GACHA.
You can get COINS by
playing the game, various
rewards or exchanging them
with DIAMONDS from the

What is DIAMOND?

lt is the main in-game
currency. You can exchange
your DIAMOND to get more
CO|Ns and SODA. It can be
purchased from the Shop. If
you're aware enough, FREE
DIAMOND can be found in
the game as well.

What is MEDAL?

You can use MEDALs to
purchase DECORATIONs for
your lunchbox. The
DECORATIONs will enhance
your power and other stats.
And of course, to make your
lunchbox more interesting
and attractive!

How to level up a

As you connect and clear the
ICE BLOCKS during a game
session, they earn
experience. A character's
level goes up each time it
gather enough amount of

How to increase the Skill
Level or Rank?

Skill level can be increased
by getting the same
character that you already
have in your Collection. You
can do that from the Hero or
Monster Gacha machines.
If you reach certain Skill
Level, you character's Skill
will Rank Up. The visual of
the character will be
changed and the Skill will be
more powerful.

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