Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fisherman Fisher Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Fisherman Fisher Guide

Captain The captain can learn various skills that can help your gameplay. However, in order to learn skills, you need ‘to get Black Stones by reincarnating ‘the captain or playing mini games a't ‘the alehouse. Ship There are 30 types of ships, and you can upgrade your ship "to increase ‘the ship's speed and fishing speed to catch more fish. Sailors You can hire up ‘to 7 sailors, and upgrading ‘them will provide more materials. Reincarnation If you increase your ship's level ‘to 8 or higher, you can reincarnate ‘the captain. Although all ‘the sailors and Gold you've collected will be lost, you can enhance ‘the captain by getting Black Stones. Also, your adventurer or elemental you purchased will not be lost, so reincarnation will make your adventure more fun and comfortable! Black Stone This is a ‘type of skill point 'that you can acquire from reincarnation or elemental, or by playing mini games at ‘the house. Fish There 23 "types of normal fish and 4 types of rare fish, You can catch normal fish by upgrading your fishing rod. Golden Fish Only the luckiest sailors can catch a Golden Fish Golden Fish are not stored in the aquarium. Instead, ‘they are weighed, and every "time the accummulafed weight reaches 1,000 kg, you get Gold as a reward.