Monday, February 1, 2016

Mystic Kingdom Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to make your Heroes stronger?

1. Go on an adventure!

This is the most basic thing that you will automatically know when trying to make your heroes stronger, to level them up! Leveling them up is not an easy thing to do but it pays well if you manage to do it properly. Yeah all right I know it that there are XP Orbs in the game and it will be easier to use than going on adventure. However, that is where I was against with for the reason that eventually you'll be needing it to level up your new (stronger heroes) in the game. Please do not use them all already, save it and when you find your strongest hero use it all into him/her in order to catch up with your old heroes.

And also, not only your heroes will level up! Even your account will level up and will unlock other features of your menu.

2. Leveling up Skills!

Before you level up your skills, you must need to consider the hero you should focus on first. This hero should be the most reliable and useful among your other heroes (this is a rule that I made when playing RPG games). Why should focus on 1 character only? Being a beginner usually has a common conception that you will only have a set of characters that are in low level, now if you manage to make one of your hero to become OP then it will make your life easier. The rule was just that you need to focus a hero that is the most reliable on your team.

If your play style is for DMG or DOT (dmg-over-time) then you beter choose the center-liner class as they are the ones that deal the most damage in the game

If your play style is about defense (just like me), then life steal and heal will be your best hero to choose. As for me I am focusing on Mason to move him up to rare for his life steal skill. This will help me through all the mission and will make my team last longer.

3. Equip Items!

Equipping this items can give a big boost to your heroes. Items usually unlocks your second skill once you have collected 4 of them and "Leveling Up" or enhancing your hero. This is the first thing that I didnt notice while playing the game and I was struggling to look how to activate the skills that are available in the list.

Items can be obtained while playing missions, it is a droppable items from minions and bosses during any stage so hunt them down to boost your hero.

4. Equip Gears!

Ok, if you are really really really a beginner like level 0, gears is not accessible for you (for now) but you can access where to farm it when you hit level 20. Gears are items that you can equip to your hero to boost particular attribute of your hero such as DEF, ATK, MAG and more.

You can obtain them via Dungeon > Crown Battle, gears can be obtained once you have finished a stage.

The farther you've got to Crown Battle, the better gears you'll get! Equip the best gears you have to your most useful hero in order to make it more powerful.

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