Friday, January 29, 2016

Dot Alliance 3D Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Improving Hero is a special feature in Dot Alliance 3D to help Captains increase potential point of Hero, and create the way to build, improve Hero as you wish. Each Hero has basic stats. However, depending on improvement of Hero and the way of arrangement in the line-up, Leader needs to improve Hero following reasonable stat to create a perfect team.

So how to improve Hero? And what are related issues?

1. What does Captains need to improve Hero?
Captains needs Roshan stone to improve Hero

2. How to collect Roshan stones?
Join activities, events in game to collect as many Roshan stone as possible.
- Challenging Roshan: it is an activity that help you collect many Roshan stones. This activity happens at 12h30 and 22h every day.
- Arena: Let’s join Arena! The higher your rank is, the more rewarded point you can get. Leader can use this point to exchange Roshan stone.
- Guild: Join Guild and participate in activities to receive tribute point. Use this point to exchange Roshan stone.
- Join these activities: Chicken hunting, challenging, ruining Hell (help friends to ruin Hell), daily logging in, or opening chests will also give players chances to receive Roshan stone.

3. How to improve Hero?
There are 2 ways to improve Hero: Normal Improvement and Advanced Improvement.
- Normal Improvement: Captains can choose to improve once or 10 times. It costs 5 Roshan stone for each time of Normal Improvement
+Advantage: Cost 0 Gold
     - Cost many Roshan stones
     - The differential plus potential stat is very little comparing to the minus stat.
- Advanced Improvement: Leader can choose to improve twice or 20 times. It costs 5 Roshan stone and 2 Gold each time of Advanced Improvement. ![image][10]
     - Save more Roshan stone than normal. Because when players start improving, the differential plus potential stat is much higher than the minus stat.
     - Cost much Gold.

4. Notices when improving Hero.
 Which Hero should players choose to improve?
- Because of costing too many Roshan stones, Captains should choose resistant Hero, which can be used in the future.
- Player should choose activated charm Hero (or easy to activate charm).
For example, improve 500 potential point into AGI when that Hero has been activated 2 charms into AGI, then the stat of Hero will be increased so much.
- In the first line-up, players should choose 1 Tanker and Dmg Dealer to improve first, then it will be much easier to operate.

Some suggestions of priority stat when improving Hero.
increase priority
Orge Magi
Lone Druid

POW & INT increase priority

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