Friday, February 5, 2016

Monster Roller Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How To Attack
You can tap the Let's Roll button or flick the reel to attack Monsters fight left to right.
The frontline monsters's order can be changed for a more strategic lineup.

Tap once to target a specific monster. A single arrow will appear over the current target.
Tap twice to allow your monsters to select their targets based on element strength or low HP. Arrows will appear on all available targets.

Slots and Modes
A monster's abilities are unleashed through slots.
Strong abilities are rarer than common attacks (for example,
Magmus's 2x attack ability has a 16% chance of happening, while all its common attacks have a 48% chance of happening.)
Each monster has two modes that can be interchanged at any time, at no cost, during the player's turn.

Switch Out
The switch out button can be used any time during your turn, as often as you like.
You can rearrange the frontline or switch out a monster from the Frontline to the Bench.
Protip: Order of attack matters! Visit General Tips for more information.

Jackpots are typically formed by matching either the background of an icon or the whole icon itself.
While not all slots have jackpots, those that do have jackpot combinations offer powerful advantages.
One strategy is to make a team of similar monsters (or more monsters of the same kind).

Element Relationships
Red beats Green.
Green beats Blue.
Blue beats Red.
Special abilities such as Void deal non-elemental damage

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