Friday, February 5, 2016

Marvel Avengers Academy Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Increase your Characters‘ Rank
As your Academy level increases, you'll be able to increase your heroes’ ranks When they rank up, you'll unlock new actions and upgraded outfits that show everyone who's the coolest at this school.

Complete Quests to Earn Rewards
If you see a  over a character's head, it means they’ve got something for you to do.
Tap to read a new quest, which will give you things to grab!
To view active quests, tap the Quests Button in the lower left corner or the billboard in the middle of campus.
Keep completing them, as they frequently have awesome rewards and unlock new content for the game!

Move Buildings and Decorations to Customize your Academy
Enter "Deco Mode” by tapping and holding on any building or decoration. You'll see a meter fill up, at which point you can move that item around the Academy grounds.
The boxes beneath the building shows whether you can place it or not.
 A red box means the building is blocked by another item; a green box means it’s ready to drop.
To rotate the building, tap the rotation icon while the building is selected.
Press the green checkmark to place it

How do I explore zones in the timefog?
Before you can explore the areas covered by timefog, you'll need to reach a main quest which asks you to Supercharge Satellites.
Once you complete the quest, the zone will clear up and you'll be able to uncover the secrets hidden in the Avengers Academy.

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