Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Zombie Fallout Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

PET Guide
You will get this adorable companion in very early level on your ZFO adventure. Pet will follow you anywhere you go on battlefield and this robot will help you a lot. You can easily get Pet fragments by finishing some quest on Bounty BOSS, Honor Redeem and Treasure Box.

1) Pet will help you in the battlefield, so beside your Gun, now you also have another sub damage dealer along your side but with adorable package ^o^
2) You can increase your Pet level, upgrade it or upgrade it's skills. So you can change this little adorable thing into small beast which can destroy all zombies and ready to fight BOSS monsters.
3) Some potential will be unlocked if pet achieve certain levels.
4) You can bring maximum 4 of your pet into the battle. But of course it require certain levels to unlock it one by one.

If you feel cranky with those die hard zombies, then THUNDERBIRD is a weapon that is appropriate for you. This deadly weapon has great power and its fire rate is very high, so when you use it, the zombies can die instantly.

SOULEATER, this weapon has a damage that is not too big, but the advantage of this weapon is it has a fast rate of fire and large bullet capacity. If you want to become a zombie headshot god, this weapon is an absolute choice.

This Legendary set only drop part by part from BOSS monsters rarely, and you need to collect all part and craft it to be one item that can be equipped. But once you equip all this armors, you will easily defeat your rival on PVP!

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