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Citadel Realms Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Lord Attributes

EXP: Can be gained through battling in the World Map, Tasks, Daily Quests, Campaign and killing Bosses with your Alliance.  
Lord Level: Gain EXP and use it to upgrade your Lord Level.
Fame Level: Gain Fame by completing Tasks, Daily Quests. The higher the Fame, the higher the Nobility.
Nobility: The higher the status of Nobility, the more troops you can carry and the higher the limit of times you can request assistance from the Alliance.
Talent: Talent Scrolls can increase Talents, increasing Lord Attributes.    

Citadel: Increase all resource yield and production, and increase other buildings to increase the Citadel level limit.  
Tech Tower: Tech Tower level determines the level and limit of the Tech that can be researched, the higher the level the more new Tech that can be unlocked.
Soldier Camp: Can train troops and upgrade. Can also unlock higher level troops; consume a certain amount of resources and lower level troops can also be trained according to the level of the highest troop.
Storehouse: Can increase the amount of resources and also protect a certain amount of resources from being raided.  
Hospital: Troops that receive damage around 80%, from the World Map battles will be sent to the Hospital; you can pay to treat and heal them.
Blacksmith: You can enhance your equipment or smelt them.
Enhance: Consume some Enhancement stones to enhance equipment, allowing their attributes to increase.
Smelt: Equipment that is in excess can be smelted to receive Enhancement stones for enhancing.
Alchemy: Can continuously produce Gold.
Farm: Can continuously produce Food.
Lumber Mill: Can continuously produce Wood.
Mine: Can continuously produce Iron.
City Wall: Upgrade the wall, to increase your defences and your reinforcement and garrison troops.

Hero Affinity:
When heroes are acquainted, they can help players carry more troops in battle.
Present gifts to befriend the heroes to get closer to them.
Upgrade these heroes to increase attributes and also unlock higher level skills.
How to increase hero affinity:
Use the Contract Altar to look for items that can be gifts.
Present these gifts to their heroes.
They can also be found in Treasure Chests, which can be received during the Alliance battles against the Boss.
Hero Attributes:    
Attack: Increase troops combat power
HP: Increase the life of the troops in battle
Crit: Increase the crit of the troops in battle
Crit Dodge: Increase the crit dodge of the troops in battle
Accuracy: Increase the accuracy of the troops in battle
Dodge: Increase the dodge of the troops in battle
Hero Skills:
Each hero has 4 skills, can consume scrolls to increase the levels.
The higher the level, the corresponding effect will be higher.
The higher the affinity, the more hero skills you can unlock.
The hero skills level cannot be higher than the hero level.

Soldier types: Split into Warriors, Assassins and Archers.
Soldier Limits: Warriors block Assassins, Assassins block Archers, Archers block Warriors.  
Soldier Skills: Each type of soldier has their own unique skill, and can affect the battle immensely.

Beginner’s Order: Soldiers are sorted into attacking position firstly by assassin, then warrior and then archer.
Rounds: Own team’s attacks are all made (excluding special modes) and then the opposition’s attacks are made.
Crit: The higher the crit rate, the higher the chance of crit rate taking place; soldiers base crit rate is equal to the double attack of normal soldiers.
Accuracy: The higher the accuracy, the lower the chance of enemy dodging
Dodge: Dodge and you will not receive damage from the enemy.
Combo Hit: Can use combo hits two times

Equipment Intro: The Lord can wear 6 pieces of equipment: helmet, armor, boots, weapons, rings and necklaces.  
Weapons: Increase attack
Armor: Increase HP
Boots: Increase dodge
Helmet: Increase accuracy
Rings: Increase crit dodge
Necklaces: Increase crit
Equipment Extra Attributes: the higher the level, the equipment with more stars will have extra attributes.

Outside Resource Fields:
Granary: Occupy to claim Food
Sawmill: Occupy to claim Wood
Trench: Occupy to claim Iron
Mercury Lab: Occupy to claim Mercury
Each resource tile is between level 2 - 50; the higher the level, the stronger the defenders. The Lord can scout to decide the strength of the defenders. The higher the level of the resource tile, the quicker the raid; the troops will automatically return home.
Allies (from the same Alliance) can raid a resource tile together; each tile can have a maximum of 5 troop parties. The higher the number of troop parties, the quicker the raid.
If the resource tiles are currently occupied by a member of an enemy Alliance, you will need to battle other troops to occupy. You will receive half the resources of the occupier as rewards.
When the raid is successful, if there are no enemy Alliance troops at the resource tile, the tile can be occupied and can be continued to raid.
City: An ally from the same Alliance can garrison a maximum of 4 Alliance troops. Different Lords from different Alliances can attack mutually, and when the target has no garrison troops, the resources can be raided.
Reserve Troops: When a city is being attacked, and there are no garrison troops, if the city’s soldiers are more than a certain amount, there will be an automatic reserve troop made.
Hero Hot Spring: Heroes can go to a hot spring, which can receive a large amount of hero EXP. The hot springs which are closer to the centre of the land have the highest EXP; and there are lots of places to have a dip. The more allies who take a dip, the higher the speed of getting EXP.
Alliance BOSS:  In the Alliance, you can summon the Boss to battle; defeating it will result in plentiful resources.
Treasure Token: Players can create their own groups, and take part in a Treasure Hunt to receive plenty of rewards.

Join an Alliance - Lord Level 3 and above can join.
Mutual help: Create and research Tech; invite allies to help and the more help you receive, the less time you need to research. The limit of helps is connected to the Nobility and Lord Level.
Alliance Tech: Allies can donate resources and help research tech, receiving benefits and rewards.
Research to increase the level, and the Alliance leaders can help upgrade.
Alliance Shop: Pay with your allies to buy items. The shop will refresh at a certain time. Each Alliance’s shop is the same.

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