Sunday, January 24, 2016

Warship Commander Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Upgrading Command can increase your on-field warships number‘ rapidly.

Command(H) can lead more fleets to fight
Using Command book has a chance to improve Command level

The higher level the Repute is,the level can be upgraded of tech is higher

Daily login to get Repute To join activities can also obtain Repute

Prosperity Guide
1.The prosperity can provide more Lead Troops Number;
2.Upgrade construction to improve upper limit of prosperity;
3.When base is attacked,the defense failure will lose prosperity,victory will not lose prosperity;
4.Insufficient prosperity,Lead Troops Number will be cut;
5.Prosperity can gradually restored by time,or to get back resources to the base can also accelerate to restore prosperity.

Friend Guide
1.Inviting friends to join the game can get gifts.
2.Players can send gifts to friends or ask friends for gifts everyday.
3.Players can get 5 gifts at most a day.
4.Opening the gifts has chance to get kind of game items.
5.Game items included:4 kinds of resources,4 items to mine resources,Accelerate Forward, Energy Shield(S), thermonuclear explosives, accelerate production, Migration Order, Medal of Honor, energy.

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