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LINE Battle Heroes Guide Cheats - Promo Codes Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Help for nightchat

Do you always get 2 to 3 questions right during nightchat? Do you always envy top few scorers who get gold and purple stones daily? If you do then this guide is just for you!
-Firstly nightchat opens daily from 20:00 to 00:00 (in game timing). Log in during the timing stated and start your nightchat.
-Answer the questions, each questions there is a 20 secs cool down , if you failed to answer the questions within the cooldown , the question will automatically give you the correct answers but you will have the question wrong.
- Use your 3 main characters 5* preferably (Warrior/Mage) with the highest damage and remember to change your scrolls for more Int/Str etc.
- Have patience and screenshot every questions you gotten incorrect or lucky guessed.
-put them into a list ,either print out your screenshots or simply by hand written.
-Update your list once you spotted a new question you had never encountered before. *(Note once you answered your question regardless of correct or incorrect the time stops there , letting you have sufficient time to screenshot the questions.)
-be sure to use 50g for the 1.5 times extra buff as higher dmg equals to faster time the boss get owned ( even secs count to be top )
-lastly enjoy your rewards for your hard work ^^

Dojo Tutorial

This is a simple guide to help players with clearing Dojo. Having the right selection of heroes and scrolls will improve the chances of clearing the various stages.

Brief Introduction to Dojo, you unlock Dojo once you have completed Chapter 6 in story mode. There are 4 difficulty: Normal, Hard, Hell and Nightmare. 11 Waves and 9 stages in each wave, you get a short break to open the chest at end of each wave, eg. Wave 1-9, 2-9, etc etc. TIP: always pause and exit at end of each wave to reset your skill cooldown.

Guide to Clearing Dojo, you will need 0-1 tank, 1-2 damage dealer and preferably 1 healer (Fannie is the default choice, as she is the best healer in game.) Scrolls that are recommended, scrolls that add to your physical and magical def like Jingang and Void, Buddha Scroll to help you regain some health for each kill, Pure Land to increase the effects of healing and regen. I recommend using Jizo, 1 damage dealer, and Fannie(3 Stars)

Item Selection: Priority to leech base items, attack, defence and hp last.

I recommend manually controlling Fannie, use her Xumi wind to blow big groups of enemies away from your heroes so that you can wear down the entire wave slowly, heal as often as possible. Keeping fannie alive will ensure your longevity in clearing the stage.

Ways to earn ingot as free to play players.

1. Earn 18 Stars on every chapter in story mode.
2. Fairy Gift: have a rare chance to get 100 ingots.
3. Versus: Deadlock Bridge have a chance to get 10 ingots as reward; Mountain have a chance to get 30 ingots as reward
4. Clan Divine: Homage 5 times gives you 20 ingots and homage 10 times gives you 50 ingot.
5. Daily Quest: 85 ingots can be obtained if you complete all daily quest (exclude monthly benefits).
6. Daily Logins & Monthly Logins
7. Promo Gift @ Event: Reaching certain levels will rewards you ingots and more.
8. Invite Friends event: Inviting your friends to play will reward you 100 ingots per every successful invite (up-to-5 friends)

Gift/Promo Codes

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