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War Ages Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

War Ages: Strategy Guide
War Ages is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy
Game (MMORTS). With the help of your Hero, you can build
your own City and lead you people advance through Ages of
History. For example, you can increase your force y training
mighty troops an forging cool equipment.
You can also join or found an Alliance to fight your enemies
together with your allies. Conquer the war d through wise
management and merciless strategies.

Quests are available to be completed in the game. Complete
the City Quests, Daily Quests, Alliance Quests and VIP Quests
to claim additional rewards.
* To access Quests. tap on Quests button at the bottom of the
screen. Here you will see categories of the Quests you can
* In City Quests, you will be shown and of the quests that you
can complete within your own City. These usually pertain to
constructing buildings or training troops.
* In Daily Quests, Alliance Quests and VIP Quests, you can see
a list of quests. These are simple quests that you can complete
by just tapping a button to begin and waiting or the process to

Gather Resources on the Map
Resources are essential to build (your City. Send your troops out
to gather the resources you nee on the map.
The higher the level of the resource station, the more
resources it will contain. And you may have the chance to get
extra rewards after gathering resources there.

Build Your City
To build a thriving City, you first have to satisfy the basic
* Build Farms. Food nourishes your people and keeps them
strong. Tap on a blank space to open the Building List window.
* Tap on Farm and you can begin the construction.
* You can build other economic buildings like Sawmills,
Quarries and Iron Mines in the same way.
Civic Center, the core of your City, provides an overview of your
City's development. Keep upgrading it continuously to promote
your city development.
* Tap on the Civic Center >> "Upgrade". You can spend Gems to
instantly upgrade it, or you can just wait.
Rally Field, Mage Guild, and Blacksmith in the Building List are
important parts of your City.
* Rally Field allows you to send troops to the Map for attacks or
* Mage Guild is where you can conduct various researches of
magic and technologies to better the development of your City.

Build Your Army
*You can train Ground Troops in Barracks, Ranged Troops in
Shooting Range, Mounted Troops in Cavalry School and Siege
Troops in Siege Workshop.
*First, tap on any one of the above buildings.
*Then, select the available troops and confirm the training
number. Tap on the "Train" to start.
*lf your troops are wounded in battles, they will be sent to
Hospital. Go to Hospital in your City, tap on the wounded troops
and then on the "Heal" to start healing them.
*You should heal every one of your wounded troops. That will
make sure you have well-adjusted army for battle.

*Attack other cities. Tap on the Map, and choose any city
except yours. At this point, you will be given the option to see
Scout or Attack.
*If you choose to Attack, you need to choose which troops will
be sent over there, along with how many. It will take some time
for the attack to complete, and you'll be shown the results once
it is done.
*To see the results of Attacks, just go to Mail-Reports.

Edit Your City
You can customize your City by editing in the following ways.
*Tap on a blank space of your City, then you'll see “Build” and
“Edit”. By tapping Edit‘ you can drag the buildings to any place
you want.
"Erase Model“ and ‘Pick Up All"
*Tap on a blank space of your City, then tap Edit>>Erase Model,
and choose the buildings you want to move. All buildings
chosen will be automatically Put on the tog list of the screen. Or
you can Tap Edit» Pick Up A I, all current buildings will also be
put on the top list.
*Tap on a building on the top list and it will be placed back into
your City. Drag it to any place you want.
Remember to save the new model by tapping Save when it's

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