Thursday, January 14, 2016

Heroes Will Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You can Power-Up your hero by gathering equipment
This can be done in the 'Heroes' menu.

You can evolve your hero by gathering soulstones
‘Evolve-' can be done in 'Heroes' menu.

Your hero can have up to 4 skills based on the
Power-Up level. It has a limit depending on the level of
your hero.

You can play ‘Battle Arena‘ at Team Lv.14. More
rewards will be given when you reach a higher rank in
‘Battle Arena‘.

You can join a guild at Team Lv.10. You are welcome
to use your guild member's mercenaries in a battle.

If you use a mercenary in a battle, you can also use all
the attributes and skills of that particular hero.

You can't use mercenaries who have higher level than
your Team Lv.

You can explore ‘Mystic Forest‘ at Team Lv.35

Get more potions and Gold through collecting and
looting in ‘Mystic Forest‘.

You can play Free Gold Drawing for 5 times everyday
at House of Summoner. Don't miss the chances to
earn heroes, soulstones and various items.

As your Premium Level goes up, you will be able to
use more skills within the game. Check out your
benefits in the ‘Premium Level‘ section.

Make sure you check the list in the ‘Daily Quest‘
section. Many rewards are waiting for you everyday

Rewards will be given when you complete ‘Quests
Check the list on the 'Quests' menu.

If you are out of Energy, you can purchase them using
your Crystals. You will be able to receive 3% more
Energy every time you increase your Premium Level.

If you need more gold, you can purchase more using
your Crystals. You will have more purchasing
opportunities as your Premium Level goes up.

You can upgrade your hero's equipment in the ‘Forge

During your adventure, you can face Wagon Shop
and ‘Flying Boat Shop‘ randomly. Don't miss the
chances to get rare items.

You can try ‘Tower of Trial‘ at Team Lv.28. To reach the
top of the tower, you are recommended to level up as
many heroes as possible.

All items at the Shop will be reset 4 times per day
Please don't forget to stop by!

As your team level goes up, you can level up more of
your heroes.

You can summon heroes, soulstones and other items
by Drawing at the ‘House of Summoner‘.

Your heroes will be able to gain more levels as they
evolve further.

Purchase more Crystals to reach higher Premium
Levels. You will get more benefits as your Premium
Level goes up.

If you want to level up your heroes faster, give
'potions' to your heroes.

You can clear the stages faster if you use ‘Free Pass‘

You can get a 'soulstone' from ‘Hero mode‘ in

As ‘Hero mode‘ of Adventure requires more Energy
more rewards will be given.

Find out your rankings on "Ranking'

You can get rare items in the ‘Daily Dungeon‘. Don't
miss the dungeons that open each day.

If you want to view your own proļ¬le, touch an image
on the upper-left corner. You will find many
information including pictures, frames, nickname, etc

You can change notification settings on the ‘setting

Your victory depends on how well you use your
heroes‘ skills at the right time. Use skills with perfect

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