Sunday, January 24, 2016

Nirvana: Dark Age Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Sharing things with the one you care about
is also an effective measure to display your
[Skill] Build Defence Line
Build forts and defend the province against
troops of other players
[Feature] Protect Territory
Send more troops to defend the territory

Fight with friends for a better and bigger
[Skill] Create Legion
Combine your troops with others to create a
powerful legion
[Feature] Gain Power
Rigorous training grants your soldier a high
combat capacity

ls it really bad to plunder others? Well,
maybe it is just a way to get resources, a
better way.
[Skill] Change Territory
Move territory with no cost
[Feature] Convert Prisoners
Turn prisoners of war into your soldiers

Leveling up your castle will raise the level caps of your other
buildings! We have already prepared everything you'll need to
get started, so let's get to it!

Please upgrade your [Farm], as it will increase
your Population Growth. Upgrading buildings and training
soldiers are impossible without a healthy supply of citizens!

A great amount of gold are the key sources of power. If you
don't want to wind up with empty coffers, pay close attention
to the Tex Office! l

Armor Workshops provide armor for [training soldiers]. Spur
on the workshop owner to accelerate production speed!

To activate soldiers‘ special skills, you must put them in the
corresponding locations.

When you've mastered the basic formation, it will be easy for
you to create formations of your own.

Tap [Battle] to check your progress. You can also participate
in the battles waged by other players, which will make the
battle more interesting, and you will get more lucrative

Different Inheritance Directions have different [Inheritance
Features] and [Inheritance Skills]. Choose whichever direction
you like.

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