Sunday, January 24, 2016

Metal Slug Attack Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The unit will automatically attack enemies and bases
Save up AP and go on the offensive!

Tap a unit when it glows blue!
Fire a SPEC. ATK!

There are POWs hidden in every stage.
Launch an attack and save the POWs!

Tap the lower left icon to increase AP building speed!

Tap the lower right button and a tank will charge the enemy!
It will explode on impact!

To win the fight, first you need to gather the troops!

You'll get supplies needed to become stronger!

You can do the following to make units stronger!
- Level Up
- Evolve

The units‘ level limits are
based on the player's level!
*Up to Lv10

Units‘ parts can be used to evolve

Evolution can greatly raise the status of the units!
Units can evolve all the way up through 4 stages!

3 different support systems can be chosen from
Choose according to your strategy!

Once you equip all 6 of the items, the unit's skills get unlocked!
Once skills are unlocked, the unit becomes even stronger!

For soldiers, you can borrow units from other users.

Gather allies, strengthen your arms and build the strongest army!

Raid‘ is available on stages where you receive an "S" rank
You can get rewards without a battle by pressing "Raid".
*The number of rewards is random