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Jewel Mania: Valentine's Day Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Frequently Asked Questions
Jewel Mania takes you on a jewel-matching adventure! This section can teach you the basics of how to play and answer any questions about powerups and other unique features of Jewel Mania.

How do I make jewels pop?
Match 3 or more jewels of the same color to make them pop! Any jewels above them will fall into the spaces where the popped ones were.

How do I swap jewels?
Tap your finger on the screen over the jewel you want to swap, and drag it to the jewel that you want to swap it with.

How do I win a level?
To win a level, you need to reach the goal described at the beginning of the level, whether it's getting a high score, clearing all of the glass on the gameboard, or digging down a certain number of meters.

What is energy?
It takes 1 energy to play a level. If you earn 2 stars or more on a level, you'll be rewarded with more energy.

What are stars?
You'll be awarded up to 3 stars per level based on how high your score is when you complete that level.

How do I unlock more areas?
You'll need to have a minimum number of stars in order to access more areas. Earn as many stars as you can to unlock more areas and levels!

What are the types of levels?

There are two types of levels:
Moves - You have to complete a goal within a certain amount of moves.
Time - You have to complete a goal before running out of time.
Do some levels have different goals than others?
Yes, there are 3 types of goals that must be completed before running out of moves or time:
Score - Get a certain amount of points.
Glass Clearing - Break all of the glass tiles on the gameboard.
Digging - Clear dirt tiles to progress deeper down the gameboard.

How do I break the glass on the gameboard?
To break glass, clear any jewel on top of the same tile as the glass.

How do I clear the blocks of dirt in Digging levels?
To clear dirt, pop any jewel next to a dirt tile. When there's no dirt remaining above the bottom row, the gameboard will scroll 2 rows.

How does scoring work?
Each jewel that you clear is worth 50 points. Jewels that are cleared in matches of 5 or more are worth 100 points.
Special jewels and jewels that are popped by effects are worth even more!

Do I get more points for playing quickly?
Yes, any jewels popped while other jewels are popping or falling award extra points.

What happens when I complete the goal for a level?
Any special jewels remaining on the gameboard activate giving you bonus points. Additionally, if you complete a goal with moves or time left over, more special jewels will appear on the gameboard and activate, raising your score even higher!

What are powerups?
Powerups are boosts that you can purchase that will help you beat levels and get higher scores.

Where can I get powerups?
Powerups can be purchased at the pre-game level screen (after selecting a level on an area) or at the bottom of the screen during a level.

What are the effects of powerups?
To find out the effects of all the different boosts available, go to the pre-game level screen (after selecting a level on an area) and tap on each icon for a description.

I'm so close to beating a level! How do I buy boosts at the end of a level?
If you run out of moves or time before completing a level, you'll have a chance to buy a few more resources to help you win.

How can I get more gold and coins?
On the map screen, there are + buttons that you can tap to add more gold and coins.

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