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Cartoon Wars 3 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Cartoon Wars 3 Gamevil Guide

Gold is required for various features throughout the game. It's a valuable
good used mostly for slot expansion. unit summons. rune enhance and

Crystals are buyable in-game goods. Use Crystals to summon advanced
units 8. skills and purchase EXP Potions.

Swords are needed when going on an adventure (1 Sword per Adventure).
you own more than 5.
Sword is earned every 10 minutes. Keep in mind that sword will not charge if

Friend Points
You can exchange points for items from Chest and Shop You can earn by
receiving Friend Points from friends

This is where all your rewards are stored. Mailbox is divided into four
Mailbox categories: Sword/Points/Summon/Misc. Remember that Mailbox can store
your items only up to 3 days! Be sure to claim as soon as you can.

Manually set sound/vibration. visit community. make inquiry. and change

Leader Unit and HIVE account
Check your account level. HIVE account. and Leader Unit.

Login Event
Check out the rewards you can get daily by logging in!

Tap to read about current ongoing events. limited time only

Event Menu
These menu will appear when you tap the Events icon. You
can check out additional events that are going on!

Add and invite friends! You can also manage friend requests.

Daily/Weekly/Consecutive quests will be available for view. When you clear
a quest and a reward is available for you to claim. you'll see a [N] displayed
on the icon. You can also exchange quest points with Treasure Pouch.

Collect keys and Friend Points to acquire a Chest full of rewards.
TIP* Obtain keys by playing battles!
All your unit info can be viewed here. Guide icon will illuminate when units
are acquired.

Unit summon. EXP Potions. Swords. Gold. Crystals and many more are
available for purchase in Shop!

Compete against other players in Raid. Team Battle and
Battle Siege. View your rewards based on All Friends Ranking.

Play a battle that consists of various units. Look out for
Adventure stages with bosses and buffs. You can level up faster and
acquire more Gold in stages with buffs applied.

This is where you prepare for your battles by equipping a unit and skill.
You can also select units to send off on an adventure as well as participate in Team Battle and Siege!

- You can enhance the stats of your unit and skill. Use features like Enhance, Evolve, and Combine to strengthen your units.
- Set a Leader Unit to help out your friends.
- Leader Units will have higher ATK and HP rate. An icon that indicates the Leader Unit will be shown in the left of the Cartoontown screen.

This is the slot where your selected unit and skill will be equipped.
Bame There are a total of T slots (3 slots are default).
Sm You may unlock the remaining 4 slots by spending Geld or Crystals.
Same card cannot he equipped on Battle Slots.

Equipped Card Indicator
Equipped cards on Battle Slots will be displayed in green [as shown).

Leader Unit
The designated unit efthe account is called the Leader Unit. This unit will have higher ATK and HP rate
Leader Unit can be selected from the equipped units. Selected Leader Unit will be indicated in Friend
List when beginning a battle.

My Cards
You can view all your unequipped cards.

You can equip a unit or skill to send off on an adventure.

Team Battle
You can equip a unit or skill for Team Batlle.

You can equip a unit or skill for Siege.

My Card
Shows max amount of cards you can hold.
ln the screen, the player currently owns 19 cards wilh a maximum capacity of 20.

Skill Slot
This is where your skill can be equipped.
Since no free slots are provided, you must expand the slot by tapping [+].

All your unit info can be viewed here. Guide icon will illuminate when units are acquired

[Town Hall]

This is the main building of Cartoon Town. You can upgrade it to increase Rune stats!
Let’s find out how you can upgrade the Town Hall by using Gold and EXP!

* How to Upgrade
1) Go to Cartoontown and tap ‘Town Hall’.
2) Tap ‘Upgrade’ if you own enough Gold.
※ Town Hall will immediately upgrade upon tapping the button!

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