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Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom Guide

* Knight
Tap the screen to make the Knight attack monsters.
You can level up the Knight by using Gold which can be earned by killing monsters.
Every time you level up your Knight, his Attack Damage will increase.

When the Knight reaches a specific Level, he can learn a new skill or enhance a skill.
To use the Knight's skills, press the Skill Buttons at the bottom of the screen. Once a Skill is used, it can be reused after some cooldown.

When you kill a Boss monster, sometimes it will drop some Equipment that can be worn by the Knight. Check out for Equipment information at the Equipment menu on the Knight menu.

Equipment is classified into 3 classes(Normal, Rare, Epic), which differ in the number of Options attached to the Equipment. Please note that an Epic class Equipment has unique Options that are not found in the lower classes.
In order to obtain more powerful Equipment, you need to go deeper into the Dungeon and break your ‘Deepest Floor Record.‘

* Mercenary
Mercenary supports Knight's battle status.
You can hire and level up them by gold. Mercenary automatically attacks monster.

As Mercenary reaches specific level, he/she can leam a skill. It's passive so you don't need to control it manually.
When you withdraw, you can get one Equipment of Mercenary This Equipment has its owner, but it has different ability as compared with Basic Equipment.

Ability of the Equipment take effect when you select it, and you can upgrade its ability by enhancing it. Enhancing needs diamonds.

Mercenary can evolve at every 1000 level.
Evolution highly increases his/her DPS, and also you can evolve skills.

* Withdraw, Cube and Relic
When it's hard to advance to the next floor, you can withdraw and become stronger.

After Withdrawal, you get Cubes according to the cleared floor numbers and all Mercenaries‘ total level. And Cube gems dropped from Guardian of Cube are also exchanged into Cubes.

* Other Key Factors
- Blessing
When you defeat a monster, sometimes you rescue a Fairy thereby. Tap on the Fairy icon on the left side of the screen, and the Fairy will bless one random Mercenary. A blessed Mercenary will get a 50% DPS bonus, which can be accumulated.

- Treasure Dwarf
From time to time you will see a Treasure Dwarf who attempts to rob the monster graves. These Dwarves will run away after they have accomplished their mission, so grab them before they escape and take their loot.

- Achievements
Every time you reach a specific goal, it will be recorded as an Achievement. As a reward, your Mercenaries‘ DPS will increase.

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