Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pocket Arena Saga Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Act 1: Rewards for Everyone
Rules : In the activity, all players can get the following rewards. Available in server Onix, Porygon.
1. Improvement Fruit*15
2. Golden Chest*2
3. Phase-up Elixir *2

Act.2: First Purchase Gets Reward
Rules : In the activity, all players can get 20% of the diamonds of their first daily purchase during the activity as a reward. Available in server Onix, Porygon.
Notes: First purchase Reward doesn't include
the Month Card. If this is the first time that you
purchase in the game, you can get the double
diamond instead of this reward.

Act.3: Pet Improvement
Rules : In the activity, players whose Pet improves to certain class can get the corresponding rewards. (only Available in server Onix)
Pet improves to class 1: Improvement Fruit *2
Pet improves to class 2: Evolved Stone *2
Pet improves to class 3  Pokemon Ball*2
Pet improves to class 4: Phase-up Elixir *2
Pet improves to class 5: Treasure Finder *2
Pet improves to class 6: Challenge Ticket *2
Pet improves to class 7: Super Ball*1
Pet improves to class 8: Master Ball*1

Act 4: Purchase Rewards
Accumulative purchase can get rewards.
Rules : In the activity, players consume diamonds to a certain level can get corresponding rewards.
1. Accumulative purchase reaches 500 Diamonds, get Pokemon Ball*6, Silver Coin*18888.
2. Accumulative purchase reaches 1000 Diamonds, get Skill Learner *10, Silver Coin*28888.
3. Accumulative purchase reaches 3000 Diamonds, get Evolved Stone *50, Silver
4. Accumulative purchase reaches 5000 Diamonds, get Improvement Fruit*60, Blue Identify Stone*2.
5. Accumulative purchase reaches 10000 Diamonds, get Phase-up Elixir*50, Super Ball*5.
6. Accumulative purchase reaches 20000 Diamonds, get Gene of Charmeleon *1 5, Phase-up Material Package *1.
7. Accumulative purchase reaches 30000 Diamonds, get Gene of Charmeleon *15, Quick Claw *1, Improvement Fruit*100.

1 - First Purchase on 1st Pack
Doubled purchase can get X2 Diamonds on the first pack you buy, and get one 5 star Pikachu and Epic Equipment of Quick Claw (which used to activate Pokemon combo) for free. Enjoy your adventure with the lovely but powerful Pikachu!
Rewards: 5 Star Pikachu, double amount of Diamonds, Epic Equipment of Quick Claw, 50000 Silver coins.
1. Diamonds benefit from Monthly Cards are not included.
2. You can get X2 Diamonds only the first purchase, no matter what pack you choose.
3. Each player can take part in the activity once only

2 - Eight Free Gifts for 8 Days
Rules: You can have 1 Bonus within 1 day, 8 days for all bonuses! One chance to flop per day, Silver Coins, Diamonds, Epic Equipments and 5 Star Rapidashand are free to get.
Rewards: 600 Diamonds, 5 Star Rapidashand, Epic Equipment "Green Onion".
How to Get:
1. Click "Activity", choose "8 Free Gifts", and click "Shuffle" to get the rewards.
2. In 8 days you will get all the Gifts.

3 - Slot Machine: Get more Diamonds
Rules : You can put Diamonds into the slot machine, and more will return to you. (Tips: you can always get more than you give.)
How to Get:
1. Click "Activity", choose "Slot Machine" to play.
2. For each grade, every player can only get once.

4 - VIP Packages for you
Rules: You can obtain VIP through buying diamonds. Once you reach a certain VIP level, you can buy the corresponding package. More big surprises including a 90% discount are waiting for you!
How to Get:
1. Click "Shop", choose “Package” to buy.
2. For each Package VIP level, you can buy it once only.

5 - Claim Rewards for Certain Levels
Rules : If you reach to a certain level, corresponding rewards including Diamonds and Items are free to get.
How to Get:
1. Click “Bonus Center", choose “Level up Rewards" to get.
2. You can get the corresponding rewards of certain levels once only.

6 - Ten Times, Value For Monthly Card
Rules : 10 times value for Monthly Card.
Rewards: Get 120 Diamonds every day with the $4.99 Monthly Card. Altogether 3600
Diamonds in 30 consecutive days, 10 times more than your cost!
How to Get:
1. Click "Activity", choose “Monthly Card” to buy.
2. Login everyday to get the rewards, can’t re- get after the due time. Please get the rewards everyday in case of loss.

7 - Free Stamina Recovery
Rules: Everyday from 12:00 AM to 1 :00 PM and from 6:00 to 7 : 00 PM, nurse Joy will give you 10 points of Stamina for free.
How to Get:
1. Click "Activity", choose "Recover Center” to get.
2. Can only get within the required time.

8 - Two days Evolving Main Pet to 5
Login 2 days continuously, your main Pet will evolve to 5 Stars, and there're more gifts waiting for you!
Rewards: Evolution Gene of the Main Pet *30 ; Small XP Seeds *8; Treasure Finder *2.
The Evolution Genes can make Charmander evolve to a 5 Star Charmeleon.
The Evolution Genes can make Squirtle evolve to a 5 Star Wartortle.
The Evolution Genes can make Bulbasaur evolve to a 5 Star lvvsaur.
How to Get:
1. Click "Activity", choose "New Server Gifts" to get.
2. If there are no XP Seeds left for Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur, system will randomly give you one kind of Evolution Gene.

9 - Big Surprise for Daily Login
Rules : You can receive a daily bonus by Daily Login, 3 days continuously to get a 5 Star
Snorlax, and a 6 Star Amancio via cumulative login; Higher VIP level, more rewards you can
get by Daily Login.
How to Get: Click "Activity", choose “Login" to get the rewards.


Level Up as fast as you can.
There are a lot of benefits you can get when you level up as fast as you can.
You can unlock other features that requires specific level to unlock them. 
Those features will greatly improve your gameplay and helps you to level up faster too.
The higher your level is the more you can improve your pokemon pets.
Aside from unlocking new features, you can get rewards too, either by level up rewards or other feature rewards.
You can also improve your power index by just level up.
You don't need to overthink how you can improve your pokemon, just efficiently use energy resources you can get then you will know how to improve your pokemon as the time goes by.

Don't miss a single day
There are a lot of free rewards that you can get by just logging on.
Example of events or features that will give you free rewards are "8 free Gifts", "Sign In (Monthly Refresh)" and etc.
Playing daily also is an oppurtunity to complete missions, get rewards and level up.

Auto/Manual Battle
Both Auto and Manual Battle has an advantage and disadvantage.
If the enemies can be easily killed by your current pokemon line up, then turn auto battle on so you don't have to click anymore.
Otherwise you should do it manually. Remember, your pokemon pets have strengths and weaknesses so you should plan your attacks based on it's elements and abilities.