Tuesday, December 29, 2015

City Island 4 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

City Island 4 is a great progression from City Island 2 & City Island 3. It has some great new features. It challenges your creative desires as you build, making it that much more fun to play. City Island 4 has already provided hours of entertainment.

How to Play?

  • We start by building a house. so there is room for people to live in your city.
  • Buildings should be built on a road. Roads make sure that everything is accessible in your city for your citizens.
  • Build a commercial building to create jobs and make money.
  • Workers bar displays how many of your construction workers are available. 
  • Construction workers are needed for building, upgrading and repairing buildings.
  • Your construction company supplies construction workers that are needed to build, upgrade and repair buildings.
  • Upgrade your construction company in order to have more construction workers available, so you can handle more construction work simultaneously.
  • Decorations boost the buildings around them.
  • If you want to know what is needed in your city. you can always consult your advisor.

What's different in City Island 4?
Graphical changes
Better “real world simulation” by adding day/night mode and multiple weather conditions. When it’s night, it’s dark and the lights will turn on. Colors of all buildings will adjust to the time of the day and also weather type.
When it is raining, your pedestrians will put up an umbrella.
When constructing and upgrading your building, the static construction crane is replaced with a construction site with scaffolding and dust animation.
When construction or upgrade is completed, balloons will appear and once you cut the ribbon, the balloons will fly away. We like to call this the “grand opening”
All UI has been revised and all the windows have been redesigned and are looking very different and much better.

Gameplay changes
When you construct a building, you do not get the construction XP instantly, but you have to collect it once construction is ready. This also means that profit timers will only start running once you collected the XP.
Decorations do not provide happiness points as in CI3. Decorations will give surrounding buildings a boost. For residential buildings this means more people, for community buildings it means more happiness, and for commercial buildings it means more jobs and therefore more profit.
Commercial buildings will need to be repaired every now and then. This has to be paid with cash.
You need construction workers for constructing, upgrading, and repairing buildings. You start off with 16 workers, and you can add more by upgrading your construction company.
Every process that takes time (construct, upgrade, repair, unlock) can also be paid with instant gold. This means you pay a certain amount of gold, but the process will finish instantly and it will not need any construction workers.
Speeding up things can only be paid with gold, there is no cash option anymore.
Rewards are always paid in gold, and you can earn a lot more gold with rewards than in CI3.
There are still multiple surface types that you can build on, but we have removed lava and jungle. The remaining surface types are: grass, beach, water, desert, snow, rock and swamp.
Buildings need to be placed next to a specific type of road. In CI3 you could choose which type of road you prefer, but in CI4 it is fixed per building which type of road is needed (road, walkway, canal).
Buildings unlock city life. This means that placing a building will also spawn a certain vehicle or pedestrian or even bicycles.