Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Battle Ages Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Whenever you level up or advance an age, your citizens will celebrate with a FESTIVAL! They will work harder and faster to produce coins, military units and scientific research. They even find time to throw in some dance moves and fireworks too!

If you ever find yourself short, you can always BOOST these buildings again for a whole day. This is a great way to spend a small amount of GEMS for a big payback! Just make sure you return often to collect the coins and send those units into battle!

Battle Ages Building Tips and Guide

Talented minds of the age can research new and powerful technology. Get the upper hand and build multiple Science buildings with Gems!

When the best minds come together to create amazing technology for peace, they will also use their skills for war!
Build powerful siege weapons here and strike hard in battle!

Storage for the Wealth you both create with your industry buildings and steal from unwitting opponents! Protect with your life

Stone Worker
These skilled laborers will build, upgrade and advance your structures. Slip them a few Gems, they'll work even faster!

Industry buildings that turn goods in to coins. Advancements offer better opportunities and higher rewards!

Rapid fire infantry defense, designed to cut down light troops at an astonishing rate!

Dry Stone Wall
Walls protect your weak points and help to guide your enemies into the line of fire.

Acid Bomb
Area effect traps that can cause lethal damage to a high number of unfortunate attackers.

Spike Trap
Deal a powerful punch against any unfortunate enemy to stand on this treacherous defense!

High damage but with a slow reload time, these mammoth weapons cause devastating damage to single targets.

Area effect defenses designed to thin out the enemy ranks before they get close. Protect them, they will be a target or attackers.

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