Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SWG Samurai War Game Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

- Recruits are needed to start a battle. At least 30 recruits are used in one battle, you will get them as an initial squad of 30 soldiers.
- Recruits are automatically replenished every few minutes.
- You can receive up to 100 recruits a day from your friends.
- You can buy recruits with Sacks of rice or Gold bars any time.

- Units are the main tool of any commander.
- Each kind of units has its unique features and characteristics.
- The key to winning is choosing the right strategy for each kind of units.

- Cannon is a very important tool. It can turn the tide of the battle in seconds.
- Each cannon has its unique features and characteristics.
- You can choose any target, whether it's a unit, a village or a castle.
- However, a castle can only get damaged if there is no unit in it unless you are using the "StoneCrusher" cannon.
- The damage of cannons shows how much health points a unit will lose if it gets hit. 1 soldier has 100 health points.

- There are buildings which can help you: a castle gives you an advantage in the battle and barracks allow you to increase the amount of recruits.
- As you level up your building, its benefit increases
- Castle is the main building in the game. The more solid a castle is, the harder it is to conquer.
- Baracks are required to increase the amount of recruits which are needed to start a battle.