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Digfender Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Digfender Guide

Your castle is your life. Lose all your castle rowers and it's game over!
For a 3 star rating. all caste towers must survive.
You can increase the game speed by using the speed button at the top of the screen.

Every level has a treasure map that will let you Find a cursed relic next time you play the level.
Each time you build a tower its cost goes up by 20 gold.
Your castle gate can be destroyed without affecting your star rating.
Relics unlock the most powerful upgrades. Every level has a relic but you will a need a map to Find it.

Armored enemies are weak against lightning towers.
Ice towers can help to slow down Fast enemies.
Fire towers have short range. They are best placed on bends where they can attack for longer.
Support towers give bonuses to the defense towers next to them but not diagonally.
Support bonuses do not stack. Each bonus type will only be applied to a defense tower once.

If enemies are getting past your defenses too quickly, try digging a
longer path.
Traps cannot be built in the same. Place that one has already exploded.
Stronger enemies will destroy multiple castle towers if they get through!

Your castle gate will block all damage. From a single enemy. even if they usually destroy multiple towers!
If you spent stars or relics on upgrades you don‘t like, undo them and pick again!
Sometimes the perfect tower position is on top of a gold deposit. How much is that gold really worth?
Traps are great in an emergency but support rowers provide longer benefits!

Use XP support to quickly get towers to their maximum level, then sell the XP tower!
Every level can be Finished without using diamonds. so no need to hoard them!
If things get tough. spend diamonds on powerful items!
Check out the encyclopedia For more information on tower types and enemies.

Explosive traps are perfect for taking down groups of weak enemies
Freeze traps are great For stopping enemies about to reach your castle.
Sticky traps are great For grouping enemies together For towers that deal splash damage.
Acid traps are great against strong enemies with very high health.
Shock towers have a slow but powerful secondary attack that will
target the enemy with the most health.
Elemental enemies cannot be hurt by towers of the same elemental type.

Stuck on a level? Replay old levels to collect missed stars and relics. then buy more upgrades!

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