Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Infinity - Ark War Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to receive more resources?
I want to obtain more resources, I can do the following:
-Upgrade resource constructions and even more frequently collect resources.
-Use items that upgrade resource production (buff page).
-Go on missions.
-Attack other arks and plunder their resources.
-Exchange with other players in the central trade zone.

[Free Gold] What are the different ways I can earn gold?
At present in game there are multiple different ways to get free gold:
1. Login reward: daily login prize includes free gold!
2. Monthly check-in reward: on the panel for the monthly check-in rewards every few days will have gold rewards, but something to keep in mind: the monthly check-in page records are reset every month, so every Captain needs to remember when they need to login to claim their check-in rewards.
3: Missions: On the mission page whenever a mission is complete you receive gold reward.
4. In-game events: Higher competitive ranks receive more valuable rewards.
5. Special events: Pay attention to the availability of in-game events to have a chance to receive free gold.

What is the VIP system?
VIPs enjoy tons of special and unique privileges in the game, like shorten training times, quicker resource production, quicker building times, etc.
The higher the VIP level, the more privileges there are to enjoy.
You can use VIP points to upgrade your VIP level. Mission rewards, random treasure chests or Fortune Wheel spins can all get you VIP points. You can click on the add VIP points button to buy them as well.
After becoming a VIP, you enjoy all kinds of unlocked privileges.
You can use some special items to become VIP, like the "30 Day Privileges" item. Mission rewards, random treasure chests or trying your luck at the Casino can get you all of these items. Of course, You can also buy them from the VIP page.

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