Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Clash of Dragon Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

In the interface can view owned heroes’ attribute, configure equipment, and check theCG.

Press Empathy” button to check hero’ s empathy. After you own certain hero assemble, Actual hero s empathy will be activated, which can strengthen hero power.

Press the “Skills” button to check hero’ s skill description. Skills are divided into normal skill, active skill and passive skill. Hero s passive skill can be unlocked by Advancing.

Level Up
You can spend dragon eggs to level up selected hero. Press the EXP bar to open the interface, and press the eggs to use them.

Hero’ s rank can be advanced to Higher. Advance will cost heroes with same color and same rank, eg. 1-star golden hero can only select 1-star golden hero as material to advance. Advance can significantly enhance hero’ s basic attribute, and unlock hero’ s passive skill.

Free Summon can be perform 5 times a day, with 10-minute cooldown. A Gold Summon can be perform every 46 hours.
Spend Gold to purchase a Jade Egg, and gain a chance to summon hero, which has a chance to gain heroes with quality 11, 12 or 13.
Purchase 10 Jade Eggs in one shot, gain 10 chance to summon hero and at least a golden hero.

New Server Activity
1. New Server First 7 days: Many surprises, funny missions, gifts everywhere!
2. Mid-Level Activities: Gold and Silver for every time you upgrade your power!
3. Monthly Card Outlet: The more people buying Monthly Cards, the bigger the rewards for everyone!
4. Ten in a Row: Summon heroes for ten times and get a surprise!
5. First Recharge Gift: you can get a up to 198 yuan worth reward with your first recharge!
6. Get Back your Sigils: every time you use your sigil bills you can get some back in your pocket. Starting from the fourth day after opening a new server.
7. Online Rewards: get rewards only for being in the game!

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