Monday, November 30, 2015

Fusion War Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Spend AP to challenge regular stages of the Campaign for a chance to get EXP, Gold and R&D pts. Spend Warrants to challenge boss stages of the Campaign for a chance to get required resources for a buddy. Engaging stories help you understand more about Ghost‘s background.

Special Ops
There are 3 different types of missions in Special Ops, you will obtain different rewards by completing them. Each type of mission can be completed 3 times every day, once you have completed a mission, the same type of mission can only be completed again after 5 minutes. You may spend diamonds to blitz the missions once you have cleared stage 3-2

PVP Mode
In PVP mode, you may play 1v1 against one of your friends or a random stranger matched by the system. You may also form a team with one of your friends to play 2v2 against other players matched by the system or you may let the system match you up with a stranger. You will earn scores by killing your opponent(s), the first team that reaches the target score will win. In PVP mode, you may move in two directions freely, items such as Bazooka, Medkit and firebomb can be used. You will receive a supply box for the first 5 PVP matches each day. Supply boxes can be opened in the PVP interface.

Endless Challenge
You and your friend‘s scores in Endless Challenge will be ranked, survive more enemy waves and complete more kill streaks to gain a higher score. When your CP has reached a certain level, you will trigger the OVERKILL. mode, in this mode, you may use the gatling gun for an unlimited time and you will not take any damage.

Black List
Kill the bosses in The Blacklist to win and have a chance to get R&D pts
Challenge the boss once for free in The Blacklist every day.

Shadow Units
Items required for training can be obtained by completing Shadow Units operations. In order to complete the operations, you will have to secure all three areas. You only have two free attempts to complete the operations each day.

Keep challenging the Sharpshooter mode to get higher rankings and more rewards. Every day, when the rankings data is being counted by the system, players with Lucky Rankings will receive rewards. You may challenge the Sharpshooter mode 10 times for free each day. You may also spend diamonds to buy extra attempts. The top 3 players will be granted the Sharpshooter title. You may spend gold or diamonds to favor them and will receive materials that are required for training in return.

Diamonds may be used to refresh the black market and buy gold, AP and warrants. Diamonds can also be used to revive yourself in battle and increase the efficiency of upgrading, training, research and advancement You may tap the + button on the top right corner of your screen to

Gold can be used to upgrade and advance gear, it can also be used to buy supplies for Endless Challenge. You will obtain gold by completing Endless Challenge, Campaigns and other operations. You may also gain gold by selling items, accomplishing missions and achieving daily activity targets. You may also tap the + button beside the Gold icon to exchange diamonds for gold.

R&D pts
R&D pts are required to upgrade gear and weapons, they can be obtained from campaign stages.

You may use BC to buy rare items from the black market. BC can be obtained by disassembling gear.

Combat Power
Combat Power can be increased through upgrading and advancing gear, weapons, military rank, buddy, training camp and parts.

Your buddies will fight along with you and provide assistant skills in battles, they can also increase your combat power. Equip your buddy with gear to increase their combat power. A buddy can be promoted when he/she has been equipped with all hisiher gear and has reached maximum level.

Military Rank
Medal of honor and tactical manual are required items for promoting your
military rank.

Training Camp
There are 3 different types of training in the training camp, basic training, special training, and extreme training. Bio—agentia and stimpacks are required for conducting these training. When upgrading the training camp, there is a risk of failure, use gene agentia to guarantee success.

Parts R&D
In R&D, you may spend gold to obtain parts of different qualities, there are five types of quality, they are indicated by different colors in ascending order: white, green, blue, purple and orange.

Gear and Components
Gear, weapons and components can be obtained from a Supply box or by clearing campaign stages or challenging Black List missions, You may also buy them from the Market.

Endless Challenge Techniques
Upgrading and advancing your gear and weapons can increase their score bonuses and hence increase the score you obtain when accomplishing missions. Combat Power can be increased through upgrading and advancing in various systems. Defeating enemies in each battle can also increase your score.

Consumption and Acquisition of AP
Endless Challenge and Campaign will cost AP, you may not challenge them when you have insufficient AP. When your AP is lower than 100, it will regenerate 1 point every 5 minutes, the regeneration stops when AP is 100 or higher. On the friends interface, you may send AP (it will not cost you anything) to your friends by tapping the lightning icons beside their names. You may collect the AP sent by your friends in your mailbox. You may also buy AP with diamonds by tapping the + icon beside your AP value.