Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Death Race Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to play

Tap "GO" when the circle reaches the green zone
to get a great Start. Be careful not to tap too
soon or on late!

Tap the Charge button right as the circle
reaches the Screen zone. Be careful to time you
tapping right .

Empty your magazine into the enemy car by
tapping and holding on the lower right button
Tilt your device for aiming!

Tilt the device and fellow the green side of the
lower bar to turn the wheel!

Your car has two types of weapons. Secondary
weapons carry a lot of punch but have longer
reload times. the left button until
you have enough accuracy. Release the finger to shoot.

If you want to grow your audience and have a
better chance at survival, you'll need a good

A new navigator will be available every 3
days, but you can hire the one you like the

Additional Tips

CURVE: Keep your vehicle perfectly balanced during a Drift for a bonus
UPGRADE your vehicle to increase your chances at survival
COMBAT: Secondary weapons must be aim before Shooting.The longer the aiming time
the better precision.
COMBAT: Use the Magazine Boost for an extra magazine during a race
COMBAT: Shotguns have more power but lower firing rate
COMBAT: Some cars have heavy armored parts. Avoid shooting at them
Racing with a Navigator will increase your affinity with her. Higher affinity means better
Navigator abilities;
Vehicles with the SP icon perform better than their standard versions