Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Traffic Nation: Street Drivers Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to Play

  • While you are in the oncoming lane and your speed is over 60, you get extra points and cash.
  • Look at your progress: distance, score and car health. If the score is highlighted in red, it means your speed is over 60.
  • Try to go close to other cars but don't touch them - you'll get Nearmiss and earn extra points and cash!
  • Use nitro to move faster.
  • Near misses give you extra points and cash. Several near misses in a row will get you combos.

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Other Tips

  • Did you know that the road starts turning after the fifth kilometer? The turns appear more frequently with the distance, be careful.
  • The game has 3 control modes: wheel, gyroscope and buttons. You can choose any mode in the settings.
  • If you drive in the oncoming lane. Points are scored much faster, but it's dangerous!
  • The fuel is limited during the race. Different cars have tanks of different sizes. Also pick fuel cans on the track!
  • Do not neglect the break pedal! The brake pedal is located both on the left and on the right for your convenience.
  • Too slow? Pimp your ride with upgrades!
  • Mission may be green, yellow and red level. Dangerous levels give more rewards!
  • Better engine gives more maximum speed. Don't forget to buy upgrades to your car!
  • You need to complete all tasks to pas star missions.

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