Tuesday, September 8, 2015

RPG Asdivine Dios Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Magic & Skills
Using HP, characters can unleash powerful spells. There are 3 types of magic, namely, light, shadow, and void
As their ranks increase, so do the number of spells able to be cast.
Moreover, setting an elemental ring (such as a Light, Shadow, or Void Ring) will increase the number of spells a character can learn.

When using a light-based magic on a shadow~based enemy or vice-versa, the damage will increase.
Magic strength increases mainly in proportion to character INT.

Skills consume SP ? and are capable of unleashing various powerful attacks.
As a character’s Level increases they will learn new skills.
Skill strength increases mainly in proportion to character ATK.

Certain skills also allow characters to steal from monsters
The steal rate differs from the item drop rate seen on the battle results screen.

Elemental Rings
By equipping an elemental ring and raising its rank in battle, a character will be able to learn new magic based on that elemental.

Depending on the ring, certain limits may come into play.
Therefore, it is recommended to check the current rank regularly to determine if it has been maxed out or not.

Characters each have their own individual elemental, so even without equipping an elemental ring, they will be able to learn magic for their own particular one.

Among the various skills, there are some that require charge time to use and also some that have a rebound time after using.

Bosses and certain powerful enemies that appear during event battles are oft times immune to or have strong resistance to abnormal status inducing attacks.

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