Monday, September 7, 2015

Poker Heroes Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Strategy Basics

Make Strong Poker Hands
Play the odds and build strong poker hands.  The stronger the poker hand you build the larger your attack bonus for the cards you use in your hand.

Bet Chips
Don’t forget to place a bet before your hand is dealt.  If you build a poker hand of one pair of Jacks or better (Jacks-or-Better), your hand is a winner!  The stronger your poker hand the more your win.

Use Boosts
You can use the boosts at the bottom of the screen to improve your chances of a win.  Each hand you are given a free “re-flop”.  If the three cards flopped to you don’t help your hand, give it a try!  If you have enough chips you can try the “hold” boost, tap hold then select one of the three flop cards, that card well be held to be used on the next flop.

Collect units with heal attributes to increase your deck’s healing ability.  When you play a card in the suite of “Heart” you will benefit from a heal.

Advanced Strategy

Affinity System
Take advantage of the Affinity system.  Some of the cards are color coded, red, green, or blue.  Each color corresponds to a element, Rock, Scissors, Paper, respectively.  When you play a card with an affinity advantage against an enemy you gain a 2x damage bonus.  Play the wrong affinity and you will see a 50% reduction in your damage dealt.  Remember rock > scissors > paper > rock.

Collect Strong Units
When you defeat a mission you frequently will capture enemy units.  Carefully consider the strengths and weaknesses of each unit as how you manage your captures can propel your deck strength.  You should consider replacing weaker units in your deck with stronger units you capture.

Upgrade Units
When you have unused units in your inventory consider retiring those units to the benefit of others.  Upgrading units will increase their statistic eventually reaching their maximum potential.

Promote Units
When units reach their maximum level they are eligible to be promoted.  Promoting units will increase their maximum potential.  Each unit contains a recipe of materials needed to complete the promotion.  Be on the lookout for special events and play the daily missions where promotion materials are more likely to be captured.

Leader Skills
Some cards have leader skills that will passively boos your deck.  Carefully consider what card you place into your leader, Ace, slot.  Leader skill can be a real difference maker!

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