Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SpellUp Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I make a word?

Connect letters by tracing a path across them to form a word.

How do I clear a level?

You need to do two things to complete a level:

1. Get enough points to earn at least one star

2. Complete the GOAL that is set at the start of the level

What are Special Tiles?

Making 3-lettered words is the simplest way of earning points. Making words with more than 3 letters invokes special tiles.

1. GREEN TILE : Make three 4-lettered words to invoke a Green Tile. Use it to earn a double letter score.

2. GOLD TILE: Make three consecutive 5-lettered words to invoke a Gold Tile. Use it to earn a Triple letter score.

3. SUPER TILE: Combine a Green and a Gold Tile to invoke this tile. Use Super Tiles to earn whopping scores and clear all rows of the word made. You can also combine any of these special tiles with each other to earn exciting scores and effects.

What are Boosters?

Boosters are the premium feature of the game which gives additinal & special abilities to score high in any level.

What are the types of Boosters?

There are two types of Boosters:

In Game Boosters: These booosters can be accessed anytime during the game.

REPLACER: Use it to replace an undesired set of letters with a letter of your choice.
SHUFFLE: Use it to shuffle the board for new set of letters.
DISCHARGER: Use it remove a cluster of undesired letters.
SHRINKER: Use it to eliminate an undesired letter from the board.
SWAPPER: Use it to swap any two letters on the board.
TIME FREEZE: Freezes time for 10 seconds in Timed mode. NOTE: Available only in Timed level
END GAME BOOSTERS : These boosters will be available once you fail to clear a level.

+3/+5 EXTRA MOVES: Provides a second chance to clear a level with 3 or 5 additional moves.
20 Sec: Provides extra 20 seconds in a level at Time Mode game.
CLEAR ROWS: Clears 2 rows in a Tumble Mode game.
DIFFUSER: Adds 5 turns to timer tiles and moves.

What are the different Game Modes?

There are 6 different game modes in SpellUp:

Moves and score: You have limited number of moves to earn the target score. If you use up all your moves before reaching the target score, you fail the level.
Glaze Mode: Some of the letters are covered with glaze. Remove them by making a word on top of them. If you have any glaze left on the board when you are out of moves, you fail the level.
Goals: You need to make words with the specified Special tiles. If you run out of move before earning the goal, you lose the level.
Tumble Mode: You need to get the required score and clear all the Goals before the grid fills up with tiles falling from the top.
Timed Mode: You have a restricted amount of time in which to finish the level. If time runs out before reaching the target score, you fail the level.
Star Drop Mode: Get required score and bring all the stars to the bottom to complete this level.

How many lives do I get in SpellUp?

The Game begins with 5 lives. If you fail to clear a level, you will lose a life however each life you lose refills in 30 minutes.

What are Bolts?

BOLTS are in-game currency in SpellUp which could be used to buy boosters, special tiles and extra moves. They could be purchased with real money within the game.

NOTE: All the levels could be cleared even without using any boosters, special tiles or extra moves.

How do I unlock Zodiac Signs?

Completing all the levels in a Zodiac Level Map will unlock the next Zodiac.

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