Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sweet Sour Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Dungeon Tips
Each dungeon has 2 to 5 rounds to complete

Energy cost shows how much energy you need to spend to enter the dungeon

You can increase your attack strenght bg 50% using Battle Booster

You can summon each of your friends once a day: they'll come and attack your enemies at the beginning of each battle!

Battle Tips
Tap on your or enemy creature
to see their info

Activate by tapping once you have enough mana

Draw a line with your finger through 3 or more elements!

Target Element - attack
Heart Element - restore life
Mana Potion - restore mana
Green Element - boost damage
Gold Element - collect gold
x3 Element  - triples random element effect
Collect 8 or more elements to get it!

Evolve Tips
You need Gold to Evolve: get more by tapping "plus"
Evolve greatly increases both Damage and Life of your creatures!
Select 3 creatures here. and you‘ll see what they are going to evolve into!
Tap and hold to see info!

Upgrade Tips
You need Gold to Evolve: get more by tapping "plus"
Power Crystal provide bonus to Damage and Life; note that all Crystals retain
their effect even after you Evolve your creature!