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LINE Wooparoo Land Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How exactly do I play LINE Wooparoo Land?
LINE Wooparoo Land's gameplay can be largely divided into three categories: raising Wooparoos, building your village, and social elements.

# Raising Wooparoos
 - Use summon stones at the Woopacross to summon Wooparoos.
 - Send Wooparoos you've summoned to a habitat matching the Wooparoo's type.

# Building Your Village
 - Build habitats for your Wooparoos to live in, and farms to produce food for them.
 - Place buildings and decorations around your village, or sell them.

# Social Elements
 - Exchange gems, special seeds, and boosters with players on your Friends list.
 - Visit your friends' villages and leave messages in their guestbooks.

How do I summon Wooparoos?
You can purchase summon stones from the store or acquire them from the Woopacross, and then summon them at the altar.
Please note that you can't summon any Wooparoos if there is no room on the altar,
so you'll either have to level up the altar or wait until a Wooparoo finishes summoning and place it in a habitat before summoning another.

# You can get summon stones from either the store or from the Woopacross / Magicross.
# You can upgrade the altar up to level 4.
# You can also use gems to shorten a Wooparoo's summoning time.

Please tell me about Wooparoo attributes.
Wooparoos all have one or more elemental types, and they can only live in habitats that correspond to their types.
Certain Star Wooparoos can evolve, and they will produce gems once they do.

# Elements:  Forest, Earth, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water, Wind, Star

# Additional Notes
- One Wooparoo can have two or more elemental types.
- Wooparoos of opposing types cannot create summon stones together.
- Star Wooparoos cannot create summon stones.

How do I level up my Wooparoos?
After growing food at a farm, you can feed it to your Wooparoos to level them up.
Higher level Wooparoos produce more Mana Orbs.

Farms can be purchased from Store >> Buildings. Upgrading farms increases the amount of food you can harvest at once.

I want to level up my Wooparoos past level 10.
Raising 40 Wooparoos of the same type up to level 10 will upgrade that type's totem to level 2.
A level 2 totem raises the level cap for all Wooparoos of that type to level 15.

Raising 40 Wooparoos of the same type up to level 15 will upgrade that type's totem to level 3.
A level 3 totem raises the level cap for all Wooparoos of that type to level 20.

Ex.) Once you have leveled up 40 Forest-type Wooparoos to level 10, your Forest totem will become level 2.

Can Wooparoo habitats be upgraded?
You can upgrade a habitat by tapping on it and pressing the Upgrade button at the bottom of the screen.
Upgrading habitats increases the number of Wooparoos they hold and their Mana Orb capacity.

I want to see which Wooparoos I haven't summoned yet.
You can view the Wooparoos you have not yet summoned in Roopa's House.
Tap on View Collection and select the sleeping Wooparoo icon at the bottom to see which Wooparoos you have not yet summoned.

I want to quickly finish a summoning/building.
Select a summoning or building that is in progress and tap on the Finish Now button to display a pop-up window showing how much time is left.
In that same pop-up window, you can press the OK button to complete the summoning/building early using gems.

How do I set my Main Wooparoo?
Tap on the image in the upper left to set your main Wooparoo.

1. Tap on your picture in the upper left corner of the screen.
2. Tap on the Select button and choose a Wooparoo to set as your main Wooparoo.

What is the Woopacave?
The Woopacave is a building in which you can store your Wooparoos.
To purchase and place the Woopacave in your village, please go to Store >> Buildings.

You can use gems to upgrade the Woopacave and increase its storage capacity.
You can only have one Woopacave, and once bought it cannot be sold.

Please tell me how to move Wooparoos to the Woopacave.
First, select the Wooparoo you would like to move to the Woopacave.
Then, tap the Move button in the Wooparoo information window and select the Woopacave.

Wooparoos in the Woopacave cannot be used to create summon stones or Mana Orbs.

What are the Woopagrove and temple?
The Woopagrove and temple are where the Wooparoos originally lived.
In order to enter them, you must remove the Strange Stone Face to unearth a portal.
When entering the portal to explore the Woopagrove and temple, you can choose a Wooparoo and friends to accompany you.

What things are available from the store?
The store sells everything you need to settle down in Wooparoo Village. Here is what you can purchase in each section of the store:

- Premium Store: Mana Orbs, food, and gems
- Summon Stones: summon stones
- Habitats: Wooparoo habitats
- Buildings: buildings with a special function such as farms, the Woopacross, the Woopacave, the Timespring, etc.
- Decorations: beautiful decorations for your village such as roads, trees, flowers, fences, lamps, etc.
- Expansions: village expansions

What is the Magic Cauldron?
The Magic Cauldron is where you can get random items using Magic Tickets or gems.
Items in the Magic Cauldron can change or be added depending on events and game updates.

The Magic Cauldron is available to use beginning at level 10.

What is the Magic Tower?
The Magic Tower is where gems are stored,
and where your friends can leave a free gem for you each day.

What is the Mini Tower?
Mini Towers are Magic Towers specifically for your LINE friends.
Your LINE friends can leave free gems in your Mini Towers each day.

You can have 3 Mini Towers in your village, and can press the Kind Friends button to view who has left you gems.

Friends who are not your LINE friends can only use the Magic Tower.

What is "Luck Up"?
You can spend gems at the Woopacross to use the Luck Up feature,
which will increase your chance of summoning a limited or Star Wooparoo.

# Cost
- Woopacross: 3 gems
- Magicross: 5 gems

You can use the Luck Up feature beginning at level 12. Using it at the Magicross gives you a higher chance of summoning a Star Wooparoo than at the Woopacross.

What is the Woopacross?
At the Woopacross you can use the magic of two Wooparoos level 4 or higher to make a new summon stone.

To use the Woopacross:
① Select the Woopacross and tap the Create button.
② Select one Wooparoo on the left and one on the right.
③ Tap the Create button at the bottom.

# Notes
- Wooparoos of opposing types cannot make summon stones together.
- Star Wooparoos cannot be used.

What is Roopa's House?
You can view Wooparoo-related information in Roopa's House.

# View Collection
- The first time you summon a Wooparoo, it will be added to your collection and you will receive a reward.
- You can also view the Wooparoo combinations used the first time you summoned each Wooparoo.

# Stamps
- You will receive a new stamp for every new Wooparoo you summon, and for every 7 stamps you will receive a reward.
- Rewards include different houses for Roopa and decorations that cannot be bought in the store.

What are totems?
Each totem can increase the maximum level for Wooparoos of a certain type.

You will discover totems as you expand your village, and can activate them using Mana Orbs once you reach the required level.
After activating a totem, you can increase your Wooparoos' maximum level up to level 20 by leveling up enough Wooparoos to the current maximum level.

Any progress made towards upgrading a totem will be counted even if the totem has not been activated.
Wooparoos that have reached the maximum level will still count even if you sell them.
Wooparoos with 2 or more elemental types will count towards each totem's upgrade.

What is the Timespring?
The Timespring enables you to change your Wooparoos' appearance, and can be bought from Store >> Buildings.

You can make Wooparoos level 10 or higher look either older or younger.
Please note that only their appearance changes, and not their level or type.

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